better to be half loved by a person
than not loved at all
am i doing the right thing?
he goes from loving me to be distant
and i don't want to risk losing him forever
but when does my happiness get put in the picture?
i love him, but does he love me?
You don't have to love me
I have enough love for myself
That it fills this room
Like a hot air balloon
It's suffocates the oxygen like a warm hug
I love myself enough for the both of us
Your love is unwanted like a cardboard box full of hand me down that are too small
Your love is unwanted like an orphan child left in the cold
Your love is unwanted like the left over forgotten and left in the back of your fridge
i had a dream last night
and it wasn't about you.
and i feel so guilty
that looked at another man like he was you
and maybe we are lacking something
maybe we are missing a part of ourselves
and i have been finding it in my dreams with another
I hope your eyes are as wide as they look.
and you can see that i am good for you,
perfect for each other.
no words kissed my anger leave our mouths when addressing each other
and **** and attraction runs deep between us
and when our lips meet we read each other's art and poetry
Yell, scream, cry, laugh something!
do something!
you are emotionless
You are a robot that whispers i love you during ***,
i miss you, please just be yourself again
love songs do not sound the same
the brightness of summer seems so dull
the excitement of rushing to class to see you has faded
the rain seems to be playing on repeat
the grass in my yard has all died
and winter has never seemed so cold
without you here i am lost
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