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 Jul 25 Aaditya
 Jul 25 Aaditya
The world has a chandelier
Dangling in the sky
More beautiful than glass
A spectacular light
That we all see
Whenever it is night
 Jul 23 Aaditya
I have ink in me
and a clean slate of paper
but my hands won't move
 Apr 1 Aaditya
If I had the reality stone...
You and I
Together forever
The only reality.
I miss the places I never been before.
I like the bands which haven't made yet.
I connect with the people I have never met.
I talk to people who are not there.
I can remember the incidents which never occurred.
I hear the noises which were never made.
l forgive people who never ask for apologies. I forgive them for the mistakes they never made.
I try to find the answers to the questions never asked.

I feel guilty about the mistakes I never did.
I fight for the wars which haven't started yet.
I yearn for the islands which haven't been discovered so far.
I worship idols who aren't perfect.
I follow the priest who doesn't preach.
I follow the preachings which haven't been taught yet.
I feel the emotions which haven't been named yet.

I miss the love I never had.
Kaukokaipuu: People of, say, Irish descent who have never actually been to the country of their ancestry may still experience an unexpected ache for it, as if they miss it — a strange, contradictory sort of feeling, as you can’t really miss someplace you’ve never been. But the Finnish recognize that the emotion exists, and they gave it a name: kaukokaipuu, a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never visited. It can also mean a kind of highly specified version of wanderlust, a “craving for a distant land” — dreaming from your desk about some far-off place

My poem doesn't necessarily depict the same emotion or may be none at all but this was the word I found to be closest to my poem. If you find the exact name for my emotions help me out and let me know, so that will become my word of the day. ;)
Do I consider myself as Mature,
Now, That I have started to understand POETRY?
Are we even complete without poetry in our lives?
 Mar 15 Aaditya
I want to be saved,
I am getting ****** deeper and deeper
In my sorrow.
I wonder,
Will I ever meet a happy 'morrow?
I feel like a bird,
Shot with an arrow.
I am losing hope,
Just like that shot sparrow.
Maybe you...
Maybe you can save me,
If only your happiness and care, I could Borrow.
 Mar 14 Aaditya
Laying in my bed curled up
Acid in my throat because I didn’t eat
Clenching my fists around my blankets because I can’t sleep

Are you thinking of me?
Laying in a tent, uncomfortably,
Snuggling close to your fluffy white dog or your younger brother to stay warm.

Are you missing me?
No. Not the way I’m missing you
You’re not thinking of me the way I’m thinking of you
And though it means the world to me that a beautiful soul like yours is friends with a storm cloud like me, it shatters my heart into thousands of sharp, jagged pieces that you’re
~ just ~
my friend.

“I’m sorry but I need to know, is it mutual? It’s alright if it’s a no, I can handle it, I just want be honest”
A pause...
Then the raindrop falls.
“Right now, it’s a no”

Right now.
Right now.
Right now.
I care about you so much, I know I need to let you go, so you would never read this, and I would never show anyone this.
It’s all swirling around in my chest, faster and faster until it explodes, word ***** and tears.
I love you.

I didn’t tell you I loved you, only that I had feelings for you.
Why bother? It would’ve made things more painful for me, more bitter for you.

But I can’t show you this.
I don’t want you to change.
I don’t want you to change the way you speak to me, to change your mind when you’re about to type a heart emoji,
to stop yourself after just saying “goodnight” and leave out the “baby”

This is my undoing, not yours, and I want you to keep letting me be your anchor, your shoulder, your shield, my open arms waiting to catch you when you tumble from your flight.
I can’t keep loving you, I can’t stop loving you.
I want to stop feeling at all.
Thank you all so much for all your compassion and the amazing comments. Your kindness brought me to tears. I’d send hugs and healing (if I could) to those of you who commented because you’re experiencing the same thing right now, and I promise you, even though it hurts like hell now, it does get better.
 Mar 14 Aaditya
Why must you always reconcile?
Do you not have a sense of self-respect?

You see, wise one,
I used to believe that
I'm not the only one who cared.
I know the heart is but a poetic device. These conversations all happen in my head. But a well rounded conversation is more fun than a superb speech.
All in my opinion.
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