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Feb 16 · 96
Ann Autumn Feb 16
I told myself over and over again,
And made up my mind a hundred times
Then my confession turned into a waste
And became practically useless
But my sincere heart toward you
Will still not fade
"one-sided love"
Jun 2017 · 180
Deity's cry
Ann Autumn Jun 2017
20 years of being here,
in the world of loneliness,
I see some colors,
except the one i'm longing for.

As I looked up into the sky,
I wondered why,
it covers with smokes & fogs,
that made me blind.

As my heart cannot handle,
all the burdened that i feel,
I cried & cried,
but no one's ever there.

I thirst & craved,
but no one cared,
Then the rain poured down as if it wiped my tears,
the DEITY'S CRY that made me well.
Jun 2017 · 180
Still You
Ann Autumn Jun 2017
Once alone I loved,
I never had a changing heart,
He & he bumps into my head,
My mind that knows only,
what lies near my heart.

In the midst of nowhere,
where all the hearts are growing,
like a flower in a garden,
here my heart struggling,
to all the memories you and I remains.

Thousands of ships battling,
but here I am still waiting,
my mind and heart telling,
"still you" again and again.

— The End —