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There you are
pretty as a picture
the perfect life
you eat amazing food!

Thank you for sharing
Your private thoughts
Your personal contacts
how you shop
where you travel
Where you work

You gave me permission
To control you
when you signed up
to play that game
the game that tells you
which Brady Bunch Kid
Is most like you

a small price to pay
for your ignorance
you are not alone
two billion idiots
myself included
You can download everything you've ever posted on Facebook. It is shocking when you come to the reality that you gave all these companies permission to spy on your "private" life.
 Feb 14 Ann Autumn
 Feb 14 Ann Autumn
Maybe we cut
Because the monster we've tried so hard to be rid of
Isn't hunting us,
Isn't near us,
Isn't lurking around the corner to come get us
But is in us

It is Us
We run so fast and so far to escape our monsters, but more often than not we find that _we_ are what we’ve despised.
i loved you for almost a year
and for just one moment ,
you needed me;
you wanted me, too.
and i can’t even describe how powerful it made me feel.
She walks in the verse
I struggle to write

She is my moon on a starlit night

The cool summer breeze on a warm dark beach

Caressing my face yet so far out of reach.
I'm here sitting
the smell of coffee runs through
my veins,
some music i probably will forget
in a few years arguing with
the thought of you,

But I'm here,
I'm here,
writing about what's happening

pretty boring huh?

i call myself a poet
but i can't use high metaphors,

i call myself a poet
but i can't describe fully
how you make me feel

i call myself a poet

but what am i?

I'm just a kid
scared of life
finding new ways to cope
searching for someone to love,
not holding unto my dreams
how can i choose with my mind
what's right for the heart to choose.

and you see?
don't you see?

don't worry i can't either

i can't see how great i am
i can't see how other people see me
i wish i could.

i want to believe this was a dream
a nightmare at that.

But at last.
I'm here wishing that in another life
i could be with you,
maybe in other deaths,

i crave your touch,
i crave you..
with coffee waking up my senses
like a kid in summer waking up early
to go play with his friends.

i wish things were different,
so i wouldn't have to wish.
 Jun 2017 Ann Autumn

I wish I was sunlight

to lick the milk of your thighs

and taste secrets ‘tween your legs-

Don’t you know?

I built my castles close to shore

and every time I want much more

you hold me captive in sky filled eyes

Release me woman in roaring waves

to catch my breath and softly say

I wish I was the cool soft rain

to wet the skin I so much crave

Don’t you know?

I built my castles close to shore

for you to wash them all away.

“Oh no. Don't smile. You'll **** me. I stop breathing when you smile.”
― Tessa Dare

— The End —