A Yorks May 26
Once I dreamt I was the wind,
Free, unshackled, without sin,
Flying in the morning sky,
As the wind, I'd never die;

I dreamt I took the water's form,
And fell down in a raging storm,
To rest among the flower's roots,
To rise again within their shoots;

As I kissed the flower's blooms,
They greeted me with sweet perfumes,
And once again I joined the clouds,
Swirling, curling cotton shrouds,

And once again, I was the air
Dauntless, racing everywhere,
Rustling leaves and toppling stones,
Whistling joyous as I roam.

I dreamt again I was a fire,
Growing, rising, ever higher,
Feeding from the gusting wind,
Crackling with a glowing din,

Burning fire turned to sun,
Where it ended, light begun,
Fields of clover like a sea,
Rose up high and greeted me,

The clover fields turned into song,
And as I watched I sang along,
Humming with the rolling bars
Burning bright among the stars.

I dreamt again — a star was I,
A hopeful beacon in the sky,
Above the wandering winds below,
In stellar sea, a deathless glow.

It seems I still can dream.
A Yorks May 26
Don't shed a tear, my little girl,
And dream now of a better world;
Of flower's bloom and songbird's call,
Of sun emerging from rainfall;
O, my little wildflower!
I think of you this very hour;
And though to me you won't return,
Your memory I will not spurn;
Your sun is rising — mine has set,
The best is waiting for you yet;
And though I'll cry for you, my girl,
I'm dreaming of a better world
for you.
A Yorks May 18
Marriages of æther
The birth of Magick
In its pregnant surplus
The Aurbis bursts –
Aurbis to Ætherius
Ætherius to Oblivion
Creation to Destruction.
Oblivion to Mundus
Debris, the Anchor
Mundus to Mortal Death.

The centerpoint is soon to be reycled,
It should be seen as opportunity,
And in no way empty of the fruit of Life,
Though many will be cast down on their knees,
For it is easier to kiss than to become the one who loves,
Thus is the final state of Æ.
In your hubris you have tried the last subgradient to see,
The scarab is elusive to your eyes.

I am God;
I am and I are
All We.
New Man
Becomes God
Becomes Amaranth
Hallucinations, lucid in His eye
He cherishes that which comes forth
Like parent to a child
I are all we.
Come to the house of we.
One world in spirit am I.
A Yorks May 12
ph₂téres n̥steroum n̥sme wokʷénti h₂ḱh₂owsyéte
mértim n̥h₂emh₃komos n̥steromos dédh₃te
greptewdh₃onm̥ bʰernōs n̥steromos dédh₃te
h₃réǵbʰi n̥sterōys h₁sté
Our Ancestors, hear that we call
Give death to our enemies
Give strength to our children
You are our Lords
A Yorks May 11
The tide wages war;
Gallant waves go crashing forth
To die on the sand.
A Yorks May 11
Now you know I know —
Did you think I'd just forgive?
No, I'm not okay.
A Yorks Apr 17
That September in the park,
I remember all too well;
With a look I'd fallen under
Your all-enchanting spell;
I had heard your name before,
A stranger you were not;
But to all that would transpire,
I gave no second thought.

Winter came and I was restless,
I wanted something more;
You were bored in your relationship,
Wanted to explore;
I had seen your face before,
I trusted in your smile,
So when you invited me to,
I gladly stayed a while.

Lover you were certainly,
But faithful you were not;
Passionate in your affairs,
But they numbered quite a lot;
Secrecy was not for you,
You flaunted every fling;
When I asked of your remorse,
You regretted not a thing.
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