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Phoenix Nov 2019
Sometimes i see no point
in trying to fix myself
only to be broken again.
It hurts, ya know?
Phoenix Aug 2019
I'm not a book,
yet you always judge me.
I'm not your footpath,
yet you walk all over me.
I'm not a card game,
yet you continue to play me.
I'm not a sand bag,
yet you insist on punching me.

I don't care.
Do what ever it takes until you realize

I'm nothing


Sometimes I feel that everyone is doing better than me in some way. I know it's not right to compare my own life to others', but it's a bad habit of mine.
Phoenix Aug 2019
I'll only ever have my tears
to fall asleep to.
Phoenix Jul 2019
Let's just say

it's not easy falling asleep

after disappointing

someone you love.
I'm sorry.
Phoenix Jul 2019
we grow.
Like flowers, we sprout and wither.
Love doesn't live like flora and fauna do
Though we are what makes it dim or glitter.
A short rhyming poem I wrote a few weeks back. Since then, this poem has been revised.
Phoenix Jun 2019
Dear Truth,
Why must you avoid the ones
Who need to see you the most?
Only very few in the background
Know who you are
Yet that is not enough.
I pray that one day
You are brave enough to expose yourself
To the face of authority
Before another anti-abortion law is passed
And before another black citizen
Is whipped—I mean shot.

Dear Hope,
You have been away
For a while now
And I miss you.
If you are not to come back to me
Then please do us all a favor
And stay in Sudan for a while
For victims need you more than I do

Dear Attention,
You are turned onto the things
That aren’t as bad as the death
of human lives
Why must you point the billionaires
Towards the wrong direction?
We need you to look at people in need
The same way you looked at
The burning building

We need all of you back
Before 22 million more people are

Encountered some current problems in this poem though I have mixed feelings about how it looks and sounds.
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