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A Feb 2020
The world is muted
And I finally feel at peace
With myself

What a lovely place to be!
A Sep 2016
How do you compete with that
How do I compete with that  
She is a composition of demure flowers; scent of the wind and the sound of quiet ruffling of the leaves
An entire landscape of serenity and pretty
While I –
Am a wholly mess of broken up family and fallen silence as i make my presence
As if the light has been snuffed out and all that's left is the shadow of emptiness
And if you knew how musty the air smelled like —
Tell me again, how do I compete with that
A Sep 2016
from unsteady hands and breaking heart,
We have emerged as survivors above the waters
Gasping for air in exhaustion, but it was worth it -
The air we breathe suddenly felt like a second chance in life
And nothing could beat the air out of me;
I would not have it!
Sometimes my chest would tighten as if to remind me of such a painful ordeal
But I know that this time it was not death I was in the face of --
Exhilaration, of wanting the world to hear
The echoes of love, vibrating from the depths of sea,
And you, my dearest, shall know that
I love you, till the ends of the world
A May 2016
She is the most beautiful
when she walks away
something about the stride
penetrated a nerve or unnerve
that bit that you now know as
A May 2016
for once in my life
I choose not to be selfish
I want you to be okay
to be okay
bury your thoughts about me
extinguish your feelings for me
cleanse your mind of all of me
and make your choice
to be okay

maybe one day
when you've rid of all that you should
when your heart don't sink so much
as your mind and hands roam
then come back to me

I'll be okay from now till then
because I choose you
over me
for once in my life
I choose not to be selfish
A Jan 2016
As the days go by
as the months go by
as the years go by
picture of us fleet back into my mind
dreams about you conquer my mind
and I know I want to see you
I know I want you
maybe it was wrong timing
maybe I was young and stupid
maybe I gave up too easily
I did it
I ruined us
and now 'we' can never happen
'us' is a term used and done
long gone before I can forget about it
and I miss you
but I can't tell you
you drifted into the wind
with many significant others of your own
and I have mine
but I am not happy
my mind wanders and stops
right at the thought of you
I can't stop remembering
and loving
A Dec 2015
Growing up in an empty house
you learn a thing or two about survival
as your bones grow stronger and your heart grow sturdier
independence is the only word you know
sometimes you get confused between loneliness and alone
but you stand upright no matter how hard the rain pours or the wind blows
it comes a time when festivities draw near;
the bells are jingling, Christmas carols are playing
and you sit there lonely, and alone
that the empty house you grew in
stays quiet for the evening -
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