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rose Feb 2021
always working so late.
i came home at 1:00 A.M.
i lived alone.
that was past tense.
he invited himself in,
and didnt listen when i said go away.
hes supposed to sleep on the couch,
but his shadow still lurks over my bed.
rose Feb 2021
it had been only a nightmare, i told myself. but when i awoke he was still there. in the corner of my room.  he was not staring at me but the window, everything was pitch black. i looked out the glass and saw more. “they will hurt you” he said. “i will protect you.” i looked away from the window to him. “but for how long will you last?” i asked, “and how long will they be there?” he looked at me. his ****** eyes into mine, “eternity.” i wept silently as the banging on my door started. “honey, it’s mom! im home.” my mom called, as i got up to open the door, a force stopped me. i looked at him. “it’s them. not her.” he said. “don’t come near me.” i replied to the banging. “let me in, he’s mind tricked you, we’re all trying to save you!” she yelled back. his eyes weren’t ****** anymore and suddenly he was starting to look less humanized. “mom come get me!” i cried. until i opened the door and everyone was gone. i woke up. on the floor of the bathroom. leaving there, i saw my families dead bodies. blood everywhere. i saw him. “their blood is on your hands.” i looked down holding an axe.
rose Jan 2021
i had always romanticized thought of homocide. but in which way would i  have done it? i couldn’t be caught. that wouldn’t be the perfect ******. I’ve lived with four, but after my mother had locked eyes with me, and picked up the shovel, there were only three. id pondered many ways, the easiest to dispatch of was two. all except of me. i could’ve speared the rest, you’d never be too vigilante. pulling the trigger was an option, but they’d find the bullet. arson, a creative solution. i waited ‘til sundown. gasoline, every inch of the house. i entered my mother’s room, taking two lighters, and a matchbox. i lit three flames on the match, and threw at the house along with the lighters. i left. without taking any belongings. i moved far far away. finally, ive committed the perfect ******.
rose Jan 2021
i watched my husband pull into the driveway
he opened the door.
"long day at work?" i asked

"yes, but where are the kids?"he responded

"you need to rest, we don't have kids." i said, while cleaning up the remaining blood.
rose Jun 2020
"I can't breathe." - George Flloyd

"I don't have a a gun, stop shooting!" -Michael Brown

"What are you following me for?" -Trayvon Martin

"...." -Jonathan Ferrell

"I love you too." -Sean Bell

Stop. Killing. Innocent. People.
black lives matter
rose Jun 2020
It seems another world is pulling me in.
My mother had warned me not to return,
but how could I resist? It was so tempting.
It called me.
I pulled into that world.
My mind grew, exploring more wonders.
Of all of these wonders, only one stood out.
I saw hate.
Hate between one and anothers amount of melanin in the body in usage.
My mother warned me of the dangers, but so dangerous that they ****** one for what they can not control?

Stay safe, the future has much to behold and offer, choose wisely.
rose May 2020
Her safe spot.
The porch.
It was 2 in the morning,
and her porch light was flickering.
She could hear the whispers,
but she whispered to herself,
"They can't get me, I'm safe."
She walked back in her house,
the moment the whispers stopped.
She was never seen again.
The Title they gave her.
"Porch light"
It was a legend she was known on for.
But no one ever knew what happened
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