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  Feb 17 Christina iguala
i only feel pretty when im hungry
I'd like to believe
when I die
my earthly soul
will sink into the soil of our world
giving it life and colour
feeding to all the good
to all the right
helping create someone else's story
My life, is no longer my life
My skin, is no longer my skin
My mind and body isn't mine either
It is yours Mia
I have surrendered myself to you
I am tired of fighting you
I no longer have the energy
For you have stolen that too
I stand on both my knees
Asking for your forgiveness
Purge me of my guilt
Allow my bone to be sharp as knives
Stomach flat as paper
Let my collerbones allow me to fly
Fly far far away
The Girl who
Accumulated thousands of souls
Living all inside her
Extremely similar but yet
Excruciatingly different
I am with you
I was with you
I was in love with
Light that you gave to the world
Freckles were scattered stars
Forrest of deep dark lashes
Protecting the depth of your brown eyes
Your we're like the sun to me
Wearing you heart outside you chest
Making it so easy to know your soul
How was It possible
I had fallen for the moon
Her skin icy cold to your soft warth
Eyes the deadliest of blue
So fragile but so beautiful
The biggest mystery of all
She wasn't just light
She was darkness
And I wanted to grab a flashlight
To explore that side
To understand
To feel
I have been so intrigued by this beauty
I loved both equally
Moon and Sun
Sun and Moon
I just wrote this on my bus on the way to school so sorry if it's bad lol
Please forgive me
My dear loveless
Broken hearted
Ember of the sun

I still love you
My dear loveless
Broken hearted
ember of the sun

When I was gone
And I lost you
I learned you’re the one

My dear loveless
Broken hearted
ember of the sun
I will love you
Now and forever
But I have foiled our love

Now you’ll hate me
I’ve forsaken thee
My dear loveless
Broken hearted
ember of the sun

My dear loveless
Broken hearted
Ember of the sun

I remember
how we felt there
In each others arms
So completely
So safely
Each other’s star

So as you go on
living and loving
Think of me the same
Your clumsy wallflower
Your Crazed albino
I am yours til the end.

I wish the best for
My dear loveless
broken hearted
Ember of the sun
wrote this along January 11th 2018 originally. It killed me leaving someone I loved thinking I was doing right by both of us. But I ended up hurting us both more than I helped. I actually think we died inside almost completely. I'm still trying to gather the pieces and attempt to love again.
Thunder in my belly
Apple cider vinegar it is
Eyes water from the taste
But I don't care
I don't care about the pain
I don't care that I'm living on half dead
It's makes me skinny
It's all worth it
As long as I'm
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