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I don't know what art is
Need to find where my muse lives
See what the lotus sees
Nikki nashon Aug 6
Sitting in empty places
Tempus fugit ad infinitum
Galactic seas beaming on starlight yet seem empty
Everything seems empty but me
Inwardly directed infinitely
Empty space is
Nikki nashon Jul 27
Production of luster encumbered with shine
You glimmer too brightly
Your light goes beyond the human eye
Your radiance
Nikki nashon Jul 18
Eye lids see pupils centered iris rings
wondering where the iris be
plant with sword-shaped leaves
A cloud nymph goes unseen
Iris forming rainbow seas
Purple planted petals beam
Iris reflected sorrows weep
A goddess, part of your eye, and a flower all three.
Nikki nashon Jul 17
To postulate
Species can not isolate
conundrum that predicates
Yearning to be alone
Veiled, to atone
To be far-flung
Nothing but words to be sung
Nikki nashon Jul 16
You are
Raspberry when you are audacious
lavender cotton candy and rose when you are
sunshine cornsilk daffodils and cream when
you are happy
Sage seagrass and ivory when you are at peace
You are unique
Nikki nashon Jul 14
Hot passion and desire
A rush I must get higher
Boring scenes and stagnant beings
how we yearn for war and fire
Peaceful days make living not
Waring days make dying rot
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