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  Nov 2018 mansha
i'd take up a lasso to the stars
rearrange them

a bucket of water
extinguish the sun

walk a mile
in a second

lessen your pain
bear your burden

but don't ask me
to stop loving you
some things
just can't be done.
overcome the impossible when you're head over heels
  Oct 2018 mansha
it’s 3:06am
the demons
they seem to be running late

i pray arrival is soon
their presence
much more reassuring
than being left alone in my thoughts.
thoughts that turn into nightmares
nightmares into a living reality

no wonder i go for therapy
mansha Aug 2018
have you ever seen
the night sky
without a star in sight?
absorbs you, endless
yet at the same time
serene and reassuring
thats you
lighting up even the darkest hearts.
to you, from me

— The End —