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Aug 2017 · 276
Lshassan Aug 2017
Let your actions speak for your heart.
Let your eyes speak for your thoughts and desires.
Aug 2017 · 531
Lshassan Aug 2017
I don't know what's wrong
I don't care about what's right
Despite of the starring eyes, I rise.
And, Im never scared to flaunt
I do whatever the **** I want
Aug 2017 · 305
Soul mates
Lshassan Aug 2017
They will make you feel complete
You'll know, when you first meet
Cause they are your missing piece.
It's once in a lifetime,
Don't look for a sign,
They'll bring peace to your mind.
It will happen at the right place
And the right time.

The connection will be strong.
so many things in common
You'll naturally bond.
You'll talk for length of hours
About the sweet and the sour
And they won't judge you.

You'll have endless joy
That Nobody can destroy.
You'll dance and swirl,
You two against the world.
Aug 2017 · 1.2k
Can you see?
Lshassan Aug 2017
Oh, say can you see
That racism is a big problem in our society.
A Colored citizens reality,is police brutality.
In this “land of the free”,
We are free to be attacked and harassed
We are free to starve and die
We are free to speak,
But we all know that's a lie.
If we try to make a change,
We will presumably die.
Say, if Martin Luther king didn't strive
Wouldn't he be alive?
Lshassan Aug 2017
She was full of love.
Filled with happiness,
Filled with commitment
And determination.
She needed his attention
And attraction.

He was empty.
He had no knowledge of love.
He didn't believe in intimacy,
All he knew was to take
What he needs and leave.

She strived to be his savior,
Tried to changed him to a believer.
She loved him more than she loved herself.
She gave away all her energy to remove his pain,
Again and again.
But he would take no notice of it.

He gave up on love,
He was cozy with the chaos.
she was full of love.
She didn't give up.
She searched for hidden feeling,
And found none.

She tried to fix him
But he was unfixable.
She tried to save him
But she broke herself.
Aug 2017 · 443
Haters are motivators
Lshassan Aug 2017
They hope you do good,
But not better than them.
You have magical technique
That causes them to be weak.
You have what they want,
Don't be too arrogant, but flaunt.
It's not your situation
So don't lose concentration
Use them as a motivation.
Aug 2017 · 706
The pain of jealousy
Lshassan Aug 2017
It's all made up,in my imagination
Its causing complications.  
It is pain inflicted upon thyself,
reflecting how View myself,
proving that I don’t love myself.
This emotion can only change
when I change myself.
Aug 2017 · 745
Not anymore!
Lshassan Aug 2017
I was jealous of pretty girls
I was  jealous of smart girls
I was jealous of the popular ones
I was jealous of the rich ones
Jealous of girls with a lover
Jealous of girls with a father.

Jealous cause I was
Unable to believe in myself
Unable to accept  myself
I wasn't happy with myself.

I used to be so insecure before,
But not anymore.
Aug 2017 · 340
Falling in love
Lshassan Aug 2017
we fall in love
so the one we are falling for
catches us.
When they let us fall,
it's hard to recover.
It is not an easy fall.
It's one that is damaging.
It's one that takes a while to cure.  
When you fall in love and you do not land well,
you finalize with a broken heart.
Aug 2017 · 635
What is love?
Lshassan Aug 2017
Love is complicated
Love requires patience
Love requires tolerance
Love require  honesty
Love requires sacrifices
Love comes with trials
Love comes unexpectedly
It is involuntary
Love hits us like a ton of brick
It cause us to lose control
It cause us to do strange things
It cause us to constantly be around someone
Constantly think of someone
Love make us understand someone
Love gives us hope
Love give us courage
Love make us happy
Love makes us strong
Love makes us weak
Love makes us confused
Love makes us complete
Love is everything.
We, are created to fall in love.

— The End —