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7.6k · Nov 2018
Tiphane Moraa Nov 2018
You had promised you would help me
You said it was okay that I was okay
What happened then?
Why did you abandon me?
Why did you give me empty promises?
You took everyone that were close to me
You told all sort of lies about me
How I wish I had never met you
How I wish I had never trusted you
But thank you for making me realise
That the battles I fight make me stronger than coward people like you.
910 · Nov 2018
Tiphane Moraa Nov 2018
Stop worrying about me,
Stop discussing me,
Stop thinking I’m bothered about the **** you do,
Stop worrying about who I **** with,
Stop worrying about who ***** with me,
Moral of the story;
My life is not concerning you.
I got me,
Get you?
413 · Nov 2018
Tiphane Moraa Nov 2018
You didn't have to,
you could have just asked
and I would have peacefully
given you the piece of my heart you wanted
now what do I do with all this brokenness?
314 · Nov 2018
Tiphane Moraa Nov 2018
Am not thirsty for ***.
Am also not thirsty for likes and attention,
am thirsty for loyalty and that's' all

— The End —