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Emily Grace Jun 2019
feels like asking for something, and receiving it 1 minute later
Emily Grace Jun 2019
I wish my dad said, "Good morning, Emily Grace>
Emily Grace May 2019
My mother is my wind

father knew

my brother is the water

and I am all the light

the moon is the sorrow, I could always feel
the wind is the freedom,I could always trust

the water is every life,I never fear
the light is all,I am,is all,I have always known

I am

the Grace of Generations‘ Everlasting
Emily Grace Apr 2019
The day I realized we’re in the river jumping dimensions
My life is forever mine
Note to god i question existence
I question existence
In dreams, in my mentions

Dapper never out of style
Need to buy a new adapter
My hands feel different now
******* lookin right in front of me
I found it
Same god same love
Same day
Same drugs
You saw the vision
I saw you too
In light
here’s room
Got me some thinks
So cozy too
I’m in to you
You know it’s true
There’s not one thing I’d rather
Do than play around
And pick you out to be my muse
And never listen to the words don’t hurry
We’re young, still becoming something
For lecture always figured out
Autonomic never nervous now
My psychology elephant in the room
Little figures fight the battle before noon
It’s 12:00 PM
I see him
We did not die to live to forget
Remember it all
It’s you, you know angels
Maybe all the wildflowers
Are overgrown
Always alone
Met you when I turned off my phone
And speak to my friend about ***** laundry
I see life with and without you
Always about you
Kitty wanted to adopt a few
With you when we’re feeling blue
Cause all my thoughts to revolve around you
Life for the sound of good news from you
Catchin up with you
Always ran from kind spirit
Wfw #willformwisdom
Listen to the big animal kingdom
History allows us to create the new
life with you is heaven(⌒▽⌒)
Emily Grace Mar 2019
I am counting on God to save me
Emily Grace Mar 2019
no socks,all bets are off
Emily Grace Mar 2019
You taught me how to forgive everything
I need the space that feels rain
Not to say I didn’t know pain maybe
It’s all neat to me
Simple works of industry
Showing me how to survive anything
Want to look for killer candid place to be
Kin to my chosen wonder how many times I’ve knocked on your door
To see if you’ve grown, I’ve learned
To wait and see
To give my heart to the wind
I breathe
I smoke to make the ritual clean
I cry to stretch my nova spirit
Let my live to mess with puzzle pieces
Wish it was already done so youcan
Take some time to laugh, no lighter?
Like you more when I know you’re already home, I know you.
Had to find and finish out my real potential, safe to be a baby,

Lines to show up to move GoudaDid
You know the man is like a silhouette outside of my shadows, I have no cradle
Nights are for being my minute meditation

Lift my soul for absolutely no more
Love like showing you the brightness
Of my migrant monk who
Life trusts me with his books
So I trust silence and the internet
Whether I heard my own echo or not
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