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unnamed Jan 6
Avoid the cliches
Use symbolism - metaphor, simile.
Avoiding cliches is like avoiding the cracks in concrete.
Be concrete.
Communicate a theme
Being concrete
I know my goals
I am the cracks
Avoid me.
Use imagery
Avoid the cracks when walking on concrete.
unnamed Jan 6
Waves crash against rock
Rain pelts the window
Piano keys strike strings, and
I am here, while
You are there.
unnamed Dec 2019
it is the rain
it pitters solemnly
it never fades
it is the rain, but
you are the sun,
and the sun breaks way.
Reflection of the sun in puddles of mud.
there is beauty.
unnamed Dec 2019
Skin like onion.
Peeled back layer by layer
Chopped by a blade.
Tears form in your eyes,
Don't worry,
They're not real
It's not real.
just onion skin
unnamed Dec 2019
Falling out of sleep
Counting sheep - soft-spoken - weak
Slumber - what i seek.
unnamed Dec 2019
Crackling skin-goes black.
You fade, you change.
I follow you, I watch you change.
At first I saw streams
Fresh flowing waters
It was sublime.
It dries
Canyons form
and you feel empty.
unnamed Dec 2019
Baby I get it
Wrapped up in linens- twisted
Takes the breath away
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