XyL0S 5d
Why can't I trust you
to answer
the same question Tt Ww Ii Cc Ee,
When I think we're
       °               c      
r      ° u   m ° b
°          l °    in
°             g
?      ?    ??  ?

Am I not enough
even when I'm bleeding cold?
XyL0S Jan 7

L e t ' s  t r y
a n d   n o t   b e l o n g ,

I  '  l  l    f  l  y
a  w  a  y    f   r  o  m    t  h  e    w  a  r  m  t  h  ,

B   e   c   a   u   s   e
I     k   n   o   w
o    f      t    h    e      s    c    a    r    e   .

  Jan 4 XyL0S
Sparkle in Wisdom
You think you hold me strong,
Strong enough to make me stand..

You think you are the power  
behind me,
Power enough to let me hold
my ground firm..

You think you give me recognition,
Recognition enough to have my name..

You think you give me directions,
Direction enough to follow your path..

You think you give me Identity,
Identity enough to name the relations..

You think you do me service,
Service enough to give me sanity...

Think again...!!!

I owe you nothing..
You give me nothing..

We share each thing that you give me..
I give you double all that you give me..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
4 Jan 2018
XyL0S Jan 4
When the time would come,
if ever
And against their judgement, I'll choose to flee
Don't run away.

And I'll be quiet in the corner;
The visitor
Don't worry,
I won't ask
if there's room for another broken soul

We broken souls
harbor all the space
There is.

We broken souls
save home for a never.

XyL0S Jan 1
I was alone,
sitting, thinking of writing something happy
I really tried
Seconds were ticking
It was almost midnight
There'll be people lighting the night
And I'll be pretending to cheer up
I didn't even move to the sounds of the skies bursting and screaming
I was still and in chaos.

I didn't realise,
I was waiting for it to end.
I was stuck on the names of the two most important people the moment it was the start of a new year. I'm sure they didn't even blink to think of me.
XyL0S Jan 1
What is the one thing
that happened in your yesterday
You can't live without?
No one really judges
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