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Wynter Simion Aug 23
I woke up in thought.
Why I'm I here?
What I'm I suppose to do?

So many unanswered questions,
but I'll figure it out.
Might be tomorrow
or it could be decades.

But I'll figure it out,
so will everyone else.
Wynter Simion Jun 27
When I open my eyes
I see pain, regret, and depression.
But I also see light, joy, and love.
It might be small, but it's better than nothing.
I wrote this cause life has gotten some what better for me after I got counseling for my depression. I also want to thank those who helped me through it even all you did was say nice things about my poem's. Anyway thanks for your support.
Wynter Simion May 10
nothing but a blank darkness,
were thoughts organize,
pieces come together.
Life is whole.
Then you are pulled back into life
just so things get messed up once again.
Wynter Simion May 10
a word of despair for most,
a word of perfect for some.
But for me, it means drowning.
Cause of the drowning in the drama,
in the depression,
and in the loneliness...
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,
so will I.
Life will get better.
Even if I hit rock bottom,
I know there's only one way from there,
Wynter Simion Apr 23
By the stroke of midnight,
my heart was pierced
by the cold sword of death.
I felt cold and lifeless,
while try to grip
what little life I had left,
But I was pulled into the darkness
and back to my body.
I look around
to see who pulled me from death,
no one,
just me, myself, and I...
Wynter Simion Apr 16
Why is life so...
But there is a good side,
a tiny side,
but there is at least a side.
Life for most is a wretched thing, why not let everyone know to try to stop hurting people
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