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Teach us;
To love,
To care,
To feel

Let us see the stars and see beauty;
Not fearing that the night is here
Let us awaken to the smiles of the bright sun;
And fear not its scorching heat
Let us look at the sky and remember those we've lost
And let us be at peace knowing that they are at rest

Teach us;
To smile admist the storm
To move our legs in the depth of cold waters
Let our empty hearts feel pain and love and sadness and joy
And let us breed hope; the hope of overcoming
Strong, Powerful and Bold
Beautiful, Awesome and Amazing
Glorious, tender but also tough
Everything good and more than enough!
We are everything good and more than enough!

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I'll hear the sounds in your mind
And feel your heart beat from afar
You'll feel the soft breeze upon my skin
And smell the fragrance of my tears

Someday, you'll come back like you promised
With all joy, you will smile and say,
"I promise you baby, I'm here forever"
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Thank youuu
Every shade of amazing
Every bit of wonderful
And every sketch of lovely
We grew from nothing to something
And went from something back to nothing
Tell me,
Where did we go wrong?

Lying on my back, watching the shooting stars
Wishing I could have a glimpse of mars
Tell me,
Where did we go wrong?

We cried and laughed together
Said we would last forever
Tell me,
Where did we go wrong?
Just watched a really heartbreaking video and felt like writing this.
PS: I'm not going through any form of heartbreak. My relationship is totally fine. Lol. Kindly tell me what you think
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