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 Oct 2021 Anna Mink
alta mar
cretaceous, conjoined,
petrified, spectres arborescent:
another family buried
together and bound
by the mineralizing quality of time.
Kiss me and
Touch me and
Just love me,

And I'll kiss you
And I'll touch you
And I'll truly love you.
 Oct 2021 Anna Mink
The secret of our seed
The thousand children
The storms endured
The world rustles
Lived out the secret of her seed to the very end
Every step is birth
Every step is death
All the suffering
Every grave is mother, our eternal mother
Reveals her naked death-wound to the sun
Undeterred by particulars, this ancient law of life
Home is neither here nor there
Home is within you
Home is nowhere at all - escaping
A longing to wander the  tears our hearts

 Oct 2021 Anna Mink
Ariana Solo
A real poet uses their tears for ink.
Their broken lives they use to think.

Create stories of real pain.
The best poets are the most insane.

Stops and thinks about what to write next.
Thinks long, like about an unanswerable text.

Pen with a sharp tip, like a knife blade.
The knife that stabbed their back, memories don't fade.

Pages as smooth as all the lies they've heard.
Imagination as free as a solitary bird.

The feelings bleed out from the open cut.
Poems can leave a sick feeling in your gut.

A simple poem, a single verse.
Could be a blessing, could be a curse.
 Oct 2021 Anna Mink
Imran Islam
Let me be a drop
of monsoon rain
Let me feel your lips
once again.

This love of your
green shyness
makes me alive
from loneliness.

Let me forget the pain
of drought
Let me be with you
just to get wet.

Your dancing barefoot
in raindrops
makes my eyes cool
and fills my hopes.

Let me be your
mountain shower
Let me flow down
in your deep river.

This bride of clouds
and lightning flash
means, it's going to rain
to make nature fresh.
 Oct 2021 Anna Mink
 Oct 2021 Anna Mink
There's an abundance of wild, suspended poems hanging above our heads but there's hardly enough words to describe them down to earth.
 Jul 2021 Anna Mink
Michael Perry

i watch, from my window
as the winds begin to pickup
off the bay, to rise and swirl
in clouds of dust and speck
gritty and pinging through the eaves
of this old house, forever battered
and weathered year and year
from storm after storm but still
regardless of the storm or the season
i watch, as the power lines whip and crackle
like strands of tormented licorice, as the lights
in the room, flicker off and on, i prepare
myself once more for the onslaught that is natures
way of giving everyone the *******, and still
i cant help myself, i take the abuse and i watch

by Michael Perry
 Jul 2021 Anna Mink
 Jul 2021 Anna Mink
I don’t want to
Open my mouth
Because I’m still afraid
The truth might come out
And if it does
If it really breaks free
You’ll see what I am
You’ll see the true me
The one I hide
With jokes and lies
I’m a terrible person
All jokes aside
You don’t seem to know it
You don’t seem to see
Even a glimpse of that person
That I know to be me
I’m such a good actress
I hide it so well
Cover it with a laugh
And you’ll never tell
You see depth in my eyes
You see love and emotion
But what would you see
If I ever did open
I can’t bear to find out
I can’t bear to show
The me you don’t see
The me that I know
If I let it out
If I let it be
I know for a fact
That you would hate me.
 Apr 2021 Anna Mink
Kan Souhldunsa you are no match for five dark Jedi?!
Automatic defenses can keep them off a good while...
Lets find the athletic one, Luke, as I.
Luke Skywalker, I call you back from the darkness.
"Poison is nothing to the force I am between all that exists"
Me, rauuaghw! I Baetdu Soma, last of the Jedi of Sunryder
I call you back!
Yes! Fighter, leader of the Jedi, Oh it's thee we lack!
You...? You...saved me?!
The darksiders, Leena, here soon shall be!
We better move fast, they're getting closer,
... everyone down, they're here!
Too late! For the smuggler ship we did boast to own,
now approaches faster than
Sith fear!
Shot down abated more to the side of light as
before it begins over was the fight....and flight.
There's no time to rest. We have to establish a new rebel base.
The titles of which in the past allows, life -to flow, a face- you've known.
Though we wonder about hope for the divine light for all states of life, we hold together, intrinsic and with sight, our ambitions during this strife.

So Kan, Soma, and Skywalker escaped that deathly fate,
each knowing... the plan, did have a origin, yet a vie to conquer.
I've actually written entire scripts of ,my own version of post Return of the Jedi events. Personally much more mystical and battle of force users, and military might exciting than what we got.
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