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Zulma Jul 18
At the other side of the lake
there is a beauty and stillness
the calming tea for my soul
that craved completeness
a timeless little while
a breathing space
spirit's respite
Zulma Jul 16
What is meant for you will happen
you don't have to compete
nor envy others.
Zulma Jul 15
Humans are beautiful, but some
see themselves as flawed.
They've believed the lies they've heard,
comparing themselves to others
old programs play in their heads.

Oh! the torture of intellect
many conjectures and plans
versus a peaceful heart,
and the ecstasy of being alive.
Zulma Jul 13
We might be like-minded but don't see eye to eye
opposite teams don't share the same goal.
I'm true to my team, I count on them
and they count on me.
Unus pro omnibus
one for all!
Zulma Jul 12
A new day, a cleared sleight
a new clean paper.
The universe will help one
rewrite a new story.

Expand consciousness to receive
whatever one thinks possible.
Make intentions clear
the universe will deliver.
No wish too small or large
that the universe has no box for.

Make wishes with a grateful heart
make sure intentions
do not involve hurting others
otherwise bad intentions
will be returned to sender.
Do not manifest a certain person in your life, for that's going against
the free will of that person, it's "control" or witchcraft.
If one breaks universal laws, one will pay the punishment/s.
Zulma Jul 8
Flares from life's experiences
  feelings, thoughts in written form,
often relatable
but like fingerprints from each poet all unique.

Eying some poets fingerprints
  at times new routes become perceived
something expands vision
a spark of light previously overlooked.
Zulma Jul 8
Effervescent bubbles in a fine crystal glass
sparkling stars turned living diamonds,
call them poets.

Souls able to paint with feelings,
finely weaving, patterns, memories
through words beautifully penned.
Heart being the medium that conveys
impressions into fine works of art.
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