ZuMoRa 6d

You are too far
For me to touch and caress

So I created you in my fantasy
Your gentle moves, sweet smiles and whispers

And I wish you will always be there
In my every dreams

ZuMoRa Jul 24

My son is getting married
To a charming beauty
I wish a good daughter in-law she'll be

My son is getting married
For which he worked hard night and day
Just to earn some more money

My son is getting married
And the news spread widely
And they congratulated me happily

My son is getting married
And the day is too near, too soon
Yet I am too broken to let it be

ZuMoRa Jul 19

It's you in that photo
With a green shirt
And a charm honest smiles

There's a cart in that photo
With worn old tires
And dried grasses tied inside

I stared long on that photo
It's not you, nor those grasses or that cart
That was shown there inside

But something
That hidden far beyond
Your gorgeous eyes

ZuMoRa Jul 14

The only word that I can say
For those words spoken or written wrongly

Forgive me
Is all that I can say
For those that make you misunderstood

And turn yourself... Away

ZuMoRa Jul 11

O gorgeous
They painted you on those posters and murals
Colorful, cheerful and beautiful
For the world to see

I had long painted you
In this lonely heart, inside me
Just inside me

ZuMoRa Jun 30

I painted your name on that wall
Telling the world about you inside me

But you wiped it all
Saying somebody might see

No wonder
You never turn up since

ZuMoRa Jun 28

Don't move! you said
And asked me to lean on the tank
While you shoved yourself up and down
And my bike shook

Don't move!! he said
You jump and left me leaning on the tank
While his gun pointed up and down
Yet his body shook

With both trembling hands and head
Don't move!!!
He said

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