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Persephone Nov 2015
I'm sad and sentimental
But I feel like taking risks
It's dark behind my eyelids
But what a nice place to exist

If only we could take the back roads
To some long awaited bliss
I would dance beneath the blue sky,
smother you gently, like ocean foam
it's dark behind my eyelids
But what a nice place to call home.

Our secrets harmonize in union
humbling fear crafted by their wake.
oh dear, it's dark behind my eyelids
but what a beautiful escape.
Persephone Oct 2015
my thoughts are on fire
my stomach is burning

i’m roasting my matches
to swallow my options

internalize bad dreams
consider the source

forgiving old flames

planning on empty
execute with intent
feedback is appreciated :)
Persephone Oct 2015
salt water ocean
chips in a bag, float nearby
gently, the shore chokes
Haiku (feedback appreciated)
Persephone Jun 2015
Address tendency for pulling you close
just to snap the string
that breaks you.
Persephone Apr 2015
so naive
dreamt in narrow corridors of better things
so naive
the war is not outdoors
it’s your mind
where heaven starts and hell begins
unravel guises you swear you knew
foe not friend

and at the bottom
of a hell that i had made
comprised of external situations
and the promises of better days
the bridges built soon fell away
the ashes swim in puddles deep of expectations
so naive
and what was left there
well that was me
so naive
Persephone Mar 2015
Two dollars says your sorry but im paying for the check
Living in regret darling,
I love to watch you sweat
I'll be nice.

You try to stare right through me
But I wear a good disguise
You're trying not to use me
But you haven't got the time
To play nice.

I admit the ground I'm standing on
is shaky, babe, at best
Troubles in the back, weighed down
sloppy but compressed.
Blew a chance three times
our heads float in the clouds
we get by,
we got by.
Persephone Feb 2015
I should go to bed now
I should fall in line
I should memorize my trail
of lovers left behind.
There I’ll see another you
a pattern drawn
an obvious clue
a smaller footprint
but a bigger shoe
a different color and
another muse for
sadder songs sang
with words
that seem
no longer
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