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Zoe McGonnell Feb 2018
The Act of breaking my heart took you three nights.
You held her in those arms that held me.
Kissed her with those lips that promised me love.
Those lips that made me love you.
The ones that made me stupid:
Because you would never choose me.
Not when she was so easy and you
Just wanted what she could give.
But while she gave you her body;
I gave you my heart.
Beautiful and brilliant: my trusting hands
Lent you my heart for sale to keep.
But instead you dropped it for the girl who
Lives on My ******* street.
But the most pathetic part?
I still choose you.
I still see your car in front of my house where you kissed me
I replay all of our moments on a ******* loop
I pray every text is from you
I hear music and I wish I could hear it with you
My heart beats to the sounds of
My body pleading what my voice can't:
For you to choose me.
For you to have chosen me
For you to change
For you to just please send me one last "love you <3"
For you to bandage the parts of me I detest with your love
For you not to leave
For you to hold me while I cry over you
For you to love me
Because all I want is You.
I would give anything for You.
Zoe McGonnell Jan 2018
Do you want me?
Did you want me?
I can’t tell anymore
I can’t see through you
You’ve enamored me to the point
Where I can no longer see.
But that’s where it gets beautifully tragic.

Because I want you.
I’ve wanted you.
You have enamored me and I
Want you to know:
You are worthy
You are the one I love.
Even if it took some time to say it.
I love you.
I can’t do one thing without thinking
I want You by my side.
I want to experience happy with you.
I want you.
Do you want me to?

— The End —