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ZinaLisha Nov 2017
it's hard in times like this
when I'm away, that face I miss
when you talk, I watch your lips
fantasizing about our first kiss

not sure if you're taken
or if you go this way
but **** baby,
you make my day!

I've been here before
and yes I am afraid
but I won't let you go
until I get laid
ZinaLisha Nov 2017
days have passed without your face
I wonder who will take my place
through my mind you run, a fast pace
my heart is yours if you win this race

lust is the only thing in those streets
I pray for love, I play for keeps
I fell for you, a reckless leap
tell me you want me, don't be discreet!
ZinaLisha Oct 2017
At lust's feet
I have fallen

hormones need help
your body it's calling

I've waited too long
so now you're stalling

but hear my plea
come rescue thee

teach me my lesson
come punish me
ZinaLisha Oct 2017
send tingles down my spine
can I call you mine?
kiss my skin
can I let you in?

caress my curves
ease my nerves
make me moan
such a beautiful tone

tickle my secrets
their yours, will you keep it?
it's been too long since I felt this sensation
park your body in my remote location.
ZinaLisha Oct 2017
passed by a mirror, caught a glance
the devil is beautiful when he dance

dark shadows walk slowly
I'm not her, you don't know me

my brain goes insane
this illness is no game

voices kidnap my head
held hostage till' I'm dead
ZinaLisha Sep 2017
depression haunts me at night
I hide under the sheets,
I refuse to fight.

I fight back the tears
of so many dark years
death shall come, but it's life I fear.

running out of precious time
everything and nothing
on my dangerous mind.

prayers go up
Lord send me a sign
trying to keep the faith, before I commit a crime.
ZinaLisha Sep 2017
If I could, I would build you a heart
one that could not be broken
one incapable of falling apart

If I could, I would wash away your tears
drown them in the murky waters
with all of your fears

If I could, I would shelter you from harm
shield you from dark days
and frequent storms

If I could, I would protect you 24/7
saving you from this hell
until you ascend to Heaven
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