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Zenoche 1m
Water is all that I can see,
It can go deep as it can be.
It isn't finite,
Like the flow of my thoughts every night.

My lungs start to ache while I drown,
The only way is down.
Choked by this emotions subdue,
'Til the time that these eyes can no more see hue.

Straight to the abyss I go,
Colder and colder, myself is my only foe.
In the ocean, only I... Was there
Me, the antagonist and protagonist of my story,
A blade against my reflection.

I lay down on the floor of the ocean
Let time erase my;

The ocean can be my saviour.
Zenoche 8m
I sit here like it was nothing
Watching you leave, leaves me breaking.
Though all this was a fake feeling,
Like my heart is now perforating.

The feeling of silence like I can't get over,
A hole in my heart I do need a cover.
Standing here watching you, I can catch cold
I can't stop thinking, these memories poke.

But the more that I look, it's harder to find
Many people who tried to heal this wound was too kind.
Others tried to a make solution,
But no one can stop this kind of perforation.

Please someone, I am already bleeding This is no joke nor I am kidding
It hurts so bad,
This feeling I can't stand.

Thinking of you it makes me ache
This affection I am feeling, it might be fake.
I can tell that these insecurities poke Waiting here, I can catch a cold.

This broken friendship is tragic,
All those memories poofed like magic.
I still cherish you, you are a trusted friend I didn't know that this is how it will end.

I have no more words to stay I will lie here and be a stray
This perforated heart will decay,
Where this worthless life I must pay.
Zenoche Apr 26
A garden filled with thorns,
Yet a rose, a special rose that has grown.
It stands above the rest,
Even in this wonderful flower bed.
She is the only rose that has no thorns,
A beautiful stem, clear, easily sown
Only beauty it has shown.

She was picked,
No bleeding, no *****
Carried upon with a gentle hand.
She was brought onto some distant lands,
Upon the paved path, oh what have they seen;
The sun is setting warmth and danger we feel.

The moon, not yet to arrive
Along the bushes we hide.
While seeking for the light,
The atmosphere cared so bright
A great sightseeing for the fireflies.

As we stare upon the vast sky,
They dance with colors as they fly
Smile upon your face will be my warmth of unforgettable
On how this cold night transverse beyond something loveable.

We have slept on the soft touch of the grass,
"Oh! few petals on this lass",
The sun shone brighter
As we get up, the journey wasn't over.

Across the lands,
Beyond this pass
We have encountered some wild packs.

They seem wild and tensed,
A few caress you have lent

They weren't ferocious nor tenacious
They looked so adorable and precious.
A wolf became a friend,
Where your heart began to mend

He followed your tracks,
He lead off to a good path.
He cared for you on how much you cared for him,
Never his eyes became too dim

We may not reach the end,
We have walked as we can.
Made possibilities and room for chances,
Chances that will give you a good ending.
But as soon we have stepped there is a better leading
The journey along the way, ain't it
Easy and susceptible?
We may find answers what is desirable.

You have been a rose, a beautiful rose I have ever met.
Your every petal is a special one to be kept.
I have made this for a special someone, I don't usually make romantic/optimistic poems. I am leaning more onto my head. That is why this poem is one of my special treasure.

— The End —