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Mr Zeal Oct 2019
What do you want from me ?
Why do you talk to me
What do you know ?
I am  I’m not scared of you
I am inevitable

The biggest question I have to ask myself sometimes is why did I forgave you ?
Mr Zeal Jun 2015
Deep scepters
Light measures
Star gazer
Rocket launchers
Storm chasers
Lip biters
New levels
Old texture
I can see it now.

He Died for love, he lived to see the measure.
Mr Zeal Feb 2015
Randomly typing my head won't stop thinking of words that i try to stop and i can't i write am i right to write you something that i just might ...Hate to say in peoples eyes?
to say I want you bad but everytime i'm with you theres something that happens tragic ..
or I can't let you go but your to far away sometimes i think your just stringing me on until i see the tears you cry...or..
I'm done with him.. the man in the mirro is the worst frined i ever had but he always helps threw theses kinda answers to life.
and...and to tell you the truth i think these are not poems at all but its a expression that helps me move feelings aside and with or for that i think thats why i write.
Mr Zeal Feb 14
Perfection is nothing when it comes to a relationship
So if you are trying to be
You will never find your self
Cause finding the perfect person you will never.
If ever was a person and for was it’s heart
Then I’m in love with forever.
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Tired.. I'm tired of fighting
Tired of biting at the hand that feeds
What's complicated is that I still don't know what's eating me...

I slide closer to you in my bed and yes just to sense the warmth of your body
Prolly I mean probably I'm that type
Probably I mean prolly you like me around like circle sometimes.

I see your smile and you don't like it cause your teeth are not straight but what's gay when your drinking milk just to build your bones so you won't look like your last past 5 years your nice!

Don't make sense but it's alright.

Call me what you like but I'm that hugger from another mother intimate conversation type of guy.
So no matter what they think, I'll hold you my friend until we get off the floor and be stronger better greater then what we just cried.

Tired..I'm tired so I slide closer to as you pat my back for the first time,

Mr Zeal Sep 2016
Sweet talk bitterness
This is bittersweet
If I was honest
I don't know who I am today
Mr Zeal Feb 2016
My tongue is a sword and my heart is a shield,
My hands are here but the government has cut my fingers so my freedom is being chopped off.
It's deep I'm still bleeding from I'm a black man ...but to be honest I don't think no one is safe cause.
El Chapo in prison, Martin Luther is dead
Scarface I still watch him and my presidents black.
Do the math before I say it do the math I think you get it.
Marshal law is on the Game Tekken,
But somehow you never see him in the new games they don't present him.

It's getting deeper are they trying to dig up hell?
I'm losing sleepers I'm glad your awake if not in other News ..hi I'm zeal
Mr Zeal Apr 2019
You need to let this one go
It’s hard lose something you already know
But chasing someone was never my goal
I just figured it would be cool to have you at the end of my road
I need to let you go
But faking that you don’t want that person is hard I know
Looking at my past I was a better man alone
Even my insecurities look beautiful alone
Let’s just let this go
Let me let you go
I don’t think I will ever stop loving someone like you
But you moved on I guess it’s my turn to
Mr Zeal Nov 2014
I placed my focus on the ground,
My smile is just something that been burning on.

Cause joy don't come from the proud
And pleasure don't give you security.

Well I'm just saying don't let it them down, just because someone talk about what they don't know...
Bound people meant to be set free,
The broken was meant to be engrafted and redeemed
Come you got this don't give up now!
I believe you when you believe in me..

"Well I don't just wanna always keep putting you down and going back to things I use to think".
But still right now I call you down
I still believe in you even if you don't believe in me.

Do you believe?
Mr Zeal Feb 14
Killing myself is life
Life is killing myself twice
I think so much that I created my own mind
Switch sides and you have the 3rd eye
Who said I wanted to go that far to see what I find?
The devil is Christ
Christ sake the angels around me starting to see the fight
It’s crazy when you take a slice
And now your eating the same circumference that eve and Adam ate from there own pie
Even though it’s been billion years
Pie diameter is still

The room is spinning and I forgot what I was made for,
Can someone just love me until my body turns to sand so I can see the sea take me away from my own times
Mr Zeal Jun 2018
took a pill it was white.
Mr Zeal Apr 2015
I was young but now I am old but never have I seen the righteous forsaken.
You will never leave me so you seen my mistakes friend,
I need you bad
I need your help
This world wants me with cash
But selling my soul is like I don't any part of you.
One day they will **** me cause I stood up for the truth,
But now at this moment I'm struggling to stand threw my lustful youth.
If I was being real with my self I've failed you,
I need your Love I need your rod I ...I need you!!
Mr Zeal Feb 2015
"And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads."
Mr Zeal Mar 2017
Really hope that I can be honest umm I got a problem yaa never really knew that thoughts could alter your sleep, lately I've been missing my breakfast umm uncaring but zealous yaa .Was that us or am I alone?

Living under what has been spoken tripping over what I didn't  yaa what if I win it what will I lose
Mr Zeal Mar 13
If you were me for week what would you see?

A couple of pills that strangers diagnose me with by the age of 13.

My demons had friends they called
Anyone who knows how it feels ... it’s like you got million things to say but you can’t even speak.
Your mind is real and your body is a dream.
Your hands calm but your eyes wonder as if it had feet.
In those days i had no peace.

You wake up as a 26 year old stronger then the 15 year old you were.
Yet still throwing the alter egos away as they snarl insults of your uncle who took your innocence away at a park.
Don’t listen to them.. all they want is to see you cry.
I shed tears but I learned how not to reply.
Something that I did Better when he told me to close my eyes.

And finally you blinked!
You’re standing on a stage with models with the light in your eyes you can finally see a Mascara of a guy who covers his sexuality.
He was the only one who believes I was somebody to meet.

You clean out your closet and you show your mother the skeletons.
Without the acceptance it was still medicine.
Because I breath into these bones and for the first time in the mirror I could touch my own reflection.

...nothing literally nothing,
Complete silence and you found a smile in that.
Nothing worth more then a person who can be alone and wake up to them self stil intact.

You stopped taking the pills years ago and found resolutions,
And to say the least you burned every thought that made point out your darkest illusions
Mr Zeal Jan 2020
How much I wanna say it,
How much I want to..
My mind is the smoke
My heart is the degrees
Doctor I need your assistance
Yes this is your patient, please
Every time you text me
I ...can’t...breath.
Maybe I need mouth to mouth
Or some type of faith to believe
That we just did what we did a month ago
And that’s exactly what I need

...i need 24 hours with you,
Or better yet...You need 24 hours with me.
Mr Zeal Feb 2019
I tried to keep you
But I can even keep myself
This year I’m equal but half of me don’t know myself
I told myself save your self but it ain’t even looking for some help
I tried to keep you
But I can’t even keep myself.
Mr Zeal Oct 2015
The government taking bullets while the elite is taking shots
The pope under oath while the religions are swearing a lot.
Obama want out like Putin's army threw the Isis plot.
My heart is broken bad and I'm trying to care,
I lift my hands for I know who made them man.
I've been dodging church cause those four walls can be like the Jail house.
People have captive but it's me that's needing a new mind to count.
Weird rain drops tornados hitting places like man.
The Goats are on the rise the sheeps are headed to the slaughter Lord forgive them.
Mr Zeal Apr 2014
Where should I begin?
Or should I say how is it gunna ends?
I say down 4 but why did it feel like one?
Me myself and I....I don't think I have best friends.
Broken by my own imperfection to hold a relationship.
So what's friendship?
Own his nineteenth birthday was like a car wreck.
As I hear pouring of water my dad is getting for work then.
I forgot to mention I'm turning twenty in 2months,
All that other random bable is not poetry at all.
My fault....
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Only got two weeks to live
Two weeks to get my stuff together before they throw me out for Good.
It's good because there people,
His wife support the family like a anchor
The Dad lost but he's a good fellow
There son...well there son is incredible.
I hope one day he reads the Hints that I gave him,
Before I Leave I pray They sense the love that ease,
A laughter for the mom to inhale and exhale the tention.
A intimate talk with the Dad for the times that he sounds like nobody listens.
And a overflow for the son for the times that he chased friends and girls so he can call someone that was there before.
For me a sunrise and hug before I leave,
And I pray to God that all this will happen before two weeks.

Mr Zeal Oct 2015
I wired desires now I'm not thinking a lot,
Sudden destruction America it's coming to us.
My lover is stuck but yet I'm stuck on his love.
The secret that killed me is digging me back up.
What would you  choose to stay dead or be alive ?
Mr Zeal Feb 14
You are here
And I  am here
Why think of there
When we are here
Wait who is there that you know?
If you go over there then you will be over there
And here will not be here no more cause it was us who made it there and if you leave here for there then why am I here?

I’ll tell you cause I’m here and there
But I never knew you wanted to leave and be with him who I don’t want be...
I have to be who you want me to be
And yet I stay silent and just be until come back to me
The real me
Mr Zeal Mar 2019
Can you bite the fire?
And tell me things I don’t want to know..
I feel the heat of every second to.
But it’s ok cause looking in your eyes makes me smile
Cause I haven’t felt like this in awhile.

Can you light the fire?
Cause I’m to weak tonight to let this go..
I sense you feel the weight of it to.
But its ok just keep looking in my eyes
Makes you smile
Cause you know that I will walk a mile.

..for you
Mr Zeal Jun 2019
Why do I feel like I am nothing but a ****
Excuse my French but this was never what I want
What I want is to find someone who loves me, make love to me before they ***
Come closer after and with our sweaty bodies say “I want this I want you and that’s all I want“.
...cause even when we’re away from each other they think bout me like I think bout them threw the years...the days....months.
Mr Zeal Jun 2018
I like imperfectness so much to where I point it out to much and the other person think it’s something wrong with them,

I like when we argue it helps me know I’m not numb to everybody but it eats m to not know what you be thinking..

I like long conversations that don’t mean nothing that end is in our underwear kissing..

I like a lot of things..
I like a lot of you.
Mr Zeal Mar 2018
I don't understand where ever the battle is on both sides here I am.
i was young now I am a man, seeing the fault in my stars and seeing the government play a hand.
All I feel is gravity moving me closer to the end,
Thoughts race to see which one of them can crash out of the corners of my head.
my mind slipping and the gravitational pull of what use to be something to me is fading once again.
I'm finding we are *****
I'm finding we arnt strong
I'm finding out that life isn't that long.

My watch ticks it's my body that tocks.
My mind clicks but my body rocks
I have no tears for the things I have become
Cause if I was truly yours I know you will finish what you begin.
Mr Zeal Apr 2015
My heart leaks out filthy stuff,
I'm scared of me and I don't know why..
I paint the keys my musics soft.
Caveman dreams I dream of light.
Set me free,set me free
Set me free of who I become.

Days like these I smile to much,
Did Adam blink when he saw you love?
This is why I do the stuff
My mind in time thinks to much
Set me free,
Set me free of who I become.

Curtains please I share to much,
Secrets squeeze my innocents
I ran from me the fines to much
Set me free, set me free
Can you be the person I need if you are can you help me up?
Set me free from what I have done.
Mr Zeal Sep 2020
But if you wanted to be friends..
And if you needed a boyfriend to cuddle you..
Like what if you were looking at your husband...
What would you say to me
Mr Zeal Mar 3
I find myself in your silence
When you speak you take my tongue
And when your beside me it’s like resting in my heaven
Angles fly and the demons laugh.
We yell and fight just to stay alive
Funny how were high and still find a common ground.
But anyone who loved anyone would know what goes up must come down,
But Abide in My  arms for there you will always be safe and sound.
Mr Zeal Oct 2016
I've created a monster a Frankienstein  something more abominable then what I wanted tonight. Sweet sleep trapped in a maze of love me tonight when the suns up still like I rain rush in to wipe the tears of scandalous night. M.I.A. For couple of flights cause I've been up for a couple of nights
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Thought of a heart is frabicated,
Faith in a substance is sophisticated
The number of man is orchestrated
If sin is weighed then thank the waiter,
Plate of discuss has made you patient.
He fixed the problem that was illustrated.
He came because life is documented.
One comes to let you play with,
Illusions and confusion we will call that magic.
It's a sign it's warning if you go everything with him will be disconnected.
6 can be rehabilated, 66 is no contention , 666 is total of who is who will come and who will be defeated.
Mr Zeal Feb 22
Push me and you find yourself falling deeper
We walked threw the worst like mud on sneakers
***** words thrown out your mouth
All because I was watering your soil!
This broken complex you live under needs it
Maybe if I wasn’t so driven
I would of crashed the first few seconds.
And yet I still would of been ok
But no!

See a lover like me I see the danger and I run to it
Making the mountains leveled
And the streets a complete  ruin.
Tell me you don’t love me again
And as you lie to  your own self
You can’t neglect

My loyalty & my passion
If you ever wanted real love
Then lights, camera.....
Mr Zeal Aug 2019
When you count who you count ?
You use to count on me babe
Now Numbers don’t lie to you babe.
I’m not tryna lie to you no more look amazing
Sparkles on Gucci but Gucci not the point ..but you’re here..
I could care but I careless who came with you
Cause I’ve been tripping on this night like a sprain ankle..
And everyone should know... I didn’t come for no little Cesars ..
I came in to see the myth that broke my heart and cut my heart in pizza pieces..
Shine on me bro
Shine on my lows
Shine for your own
I hope he knows the reason why you shine now was because I cleansed you from the dirt...(smirks)
He doesn’t know
He thinks though..
Mr Zeal Aug 2019
I am hanging  on by a thread
You don’t wanna know what I have did
You don’t wanna know what he did to me
Such innocence strip
So much I turn a blind to who “they” is
Such things I have done cause I never knew really what love was
I heard of boy in a crib that became a king by living for who he said
“The government will be on his shoulders”
And so I sit ...
Waiting ...
Resting ....
Soon he will call all of us to where he is
Soon they all will see what I have did
Soon they will see what you have done
There’s no where to run.
Son there's nothing new under the sun.
Mr Zeal Aug 2014
My tongue dances behind my mouth.
My eyes wonder before I pluck them out.
Music makes me think out loud.
I recite my past for the ears on my phone.
I giggle I laugh cause my heart is leaking out my jaw.

We say Goodbye it's late at night I turnover and pray tonight above all my words praise the highest in the sky.
Mr Zeal Jan 2015
Point out mistakes
But never celebrate your achievements is a mistake.
Miss things we use to do when it was tapes and innocence.
Running in the ditch though it was filthy it was fun and great.
Still I couldn't shake what I made to be unshakable.
7 years old ******* **** but I didn't know!
I swear I didn't know what I was doing my nieghbor was just to old..
Now I'm too old..
Thinking bout things that's to old.
But I wonder what I can do new to get this conscience removed.
Jesus Christ was the only thing that was identical.
But I read now
God I always pray now
Even though my adversary likes to stay down,
But he is way down
Sorry bobby this is why hated when I stayed now
Dame why did I stay now..
Knew that this would haunt me.
I ghost now hoping for my soul and there counting on me to fail wow.
Still wake up every morning just to bow my head and thank him for this life and these days cause life is a achievement and  I will celebrate what God has for me
Rather then mistakes I made.
In both I'll give him praise.
Mr Zeal Jul 2018
Not trying to be even
Not try to be cool
Just try to be in this
Tell me are you to?

I’m tired of being envy
I’m tired of being Used
I know it hurts to be me
Do you know how it feels to be abused ?

I’ve seen the light of the sun
I smelled the roses of bloom
But I never
Never met someone that made me feel like a fool.
And I love it.
Mr Zeal Dec 2015
Today was Hard
Today was ruff
Today Was Cold
Today was luck
Today was God
Today was Much
Today was Lost
But Today was enough

.This evening was wrong
This evening was Me
This evening i Thought
This Evening i know your not Pleased
This Evening I'm Soaked
This Evening is Notes
This Evening is all In smoke
but This Evening was Enough

Tonight I get it
Tonight I'm Repenting
Tonight I repented
Tonight I Thank you
Tonight was Distant
Tonight your Close
Tonight I wonder if your Closer then i'm thinking
Tonight Will I make it
Tonight will you take me
Tonight was bad
Tonight I'm in deep thinking
But Tonight Was Enough I Thank you for Showing Me how A Good Day should be..
Mr Zeal Nov 2015
If I sat here would you count the sand
Look at the distance of the ocean
I'm just saying would you sit here and dont think about who's broken
Take the sunset and the moonlight
Where the stars and your feelings hide
I'm just saying I would stay there
Just because I love how you look inside
for tonight I'm your bestfriend
And your my lover from a distance.
Can we chill and my hear my ocean?!
Your starry nights I fell in love with !!!
I'm just saying listen I'm just saying ....
Hold my hand and tell me I'm your favorite
Mr Zeal May 2014
Your heart is like a candle
Slowly I drip in your love.

Your smile is like a fragrance
These butterflies won't stop...

My hands won't stop shakin,
Your eyes make me melt.

Your hair looks amazing
I'm in amazement.

I truley adore you,
I lose myself in that.
I do...
Mr Zeal Apr 2014
What are you..
What are you so afraid?

What are you....
Give but you cannot take Love.

Everything I do
Hate and I despise
Lust and the bucks plus the man that I was.

Sinking in my dirt equals this what I become.

Climbing back out like  man I messed up

Then I'm clean cause love forgives us,

A height that you can't just adjust
Took your whole life to see that God is must.

But now I'm in the sky and I'm scared to fail my love,

What are you..
What are you so afraid?

If I had to answer that question Im afraid  of love, but in the end I ain't scared to trust
Mr Zeal Nov 2019
Put your heart on your wrist,
I put my heart up on my wrist.
Six hundred for the gloss
One hundred for the gliss
Credit cards to the max
... man **** my ex.

I took A stroll by the park
it was cold and it was dark
I saw someone called but I missed it
Wish it was you but I’m trippin...

Sometimes I think you’re gunna text
I wish I had guide of getting over my ex
Cause ever sense you left I haven’t been the same since.
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Never thought I would be with a girl to be honest.
Drinking feeling lethal on my body  like a pool of *****.
Lost my affections I was effected when I hit a wicked state of conscience.
A rose kiked me and west meadows told me how to love again with a big pour of Godliness.

If she was ever over here I would treat her to the finest but she's in heaven and that's where I would get to see her to be honest. My love is there and the lovers for this life is ending I'll get it right before he comes I pray and walk right ..I promise
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Rose petals, candles lit alittle that alittle this

Whatever you want tonight with a sunset kiss

Let's be alittle Romantic
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Ran from mistakes ran to mistakes
When your heart is broken it's hard not to break.

Counting on people I lost count,
Even the good ones took a bad rout.

I don't hold or play unforgiveness,
All you win is bitterness and confusion.

Knock me out and make sure you see my face to,
Cause see I waited for all my life to show you what eternity is ...

Whatever you do here will echo there,
When all this is down I hope I hear the sound of a faithful pier, a son that never quit and a friend that was always there.

So I'm in fear but not scared,
Love is my aim I aim my bullets there
My words my actions my fear my friend your loved one ...will be right here
Mr Zeal Nov 2015
Please don't play with that...that's my heart.
You ran with what it's just my little thoughts.
You said you wanna talk but I haven't found the words for Months.

Feels like someone put my love on pause..
Mr Zeal Nov 2015
Put your hand in mine and just run,
You can call me what you want.
Kiss me and just get lost like I get lost in your love.
Mr Zeal Aug 2015
I think you notice how I notice that my mask is missing,
Under covers thinking "what if's" and "maybes" man I'm tripping.
It's getting bad cause sort of made the night off if you ever listen,
That's my love for you I'm down now tell me what is missing?
Hard to go hard to leave and yet you insisted.
So I'm thinking just to tell you that I'm always waiting....
Mr Zeal Nov 2015
I'm waiting for the day you hold me in your arms
As I cry on your shoulder it was years to make you mine.
It took a glance to make me fly
I never been on airplane but I'll meet you when this thing lands.
Hope we believing in the same thing.
Your the reason for the reasons if I count them I only needed one.
I...came all this way just to say
Just to say ......
Mr Zeal Aug 2014
I sit to wait for the sunset to lay down with me, chasing people for years I learned that if I say "Tag your it" and I run my hardest I look aback to see that  nobody is chasing me. So I was young now I'm old I see that this hurts the inmost of me, so I look up sit down and stair at the sun until the sunset comes so it can lay down with me.
Nothing really makes me smile no more,
Nothing brings me to tears either not even the sound of "please"?
I said that so long to those that stop looking for me... Heck I even stopped looking at the signs of where I'm going.
As I sit and look at another sunset I lay down and close my eyes a tear falls for the first time... Don't worry tear I saw someone building a place on the sun .....the worlds goodbye is slowly getting almost easy.
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