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11.2k · May 2014
Adore you
Mr Zeal May 2014
Your heart is like a candle
Slowly I drip in your love.

Your smile is like a fragrance
These butterflies won't stop...

My hands won't stop shakin,
Your eyes make me melt.

Your hair looks amazing
I'm in amazement.

I truley adore you,
I lose myself in that.
I do...
5.6k · Jun 2014
Tylenol & pineapples
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
It's hard to have a Good time,
When your hands cold, soar throat
And Your nose is running away slow....
But these sick days though
Lol 2 Days
3.8k · Jul 2014
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Suffer is to want it but don't do it.

Suffer is to love them when there foolish.

Suffer is to encourage when they beat you down for entertainment.

Let go of all the hurt they put you threw it.

There screaming but you speak with love and calm them to.

Understand cause you don't have to be understood.

Speak the truth when they don't wanna hear it.

Suffer gives you a heart of content because to be honest this is the person that everybody loves too see them with to pull threw it..

..Thank you
3.2k · May 2014
Cause I love you
Mr Zeal May 2014
You know I love you
No matter what you do...
And I
Hope you understand me
But were gunna see it threw
Cause I love you
Lenny Williams
3.0k · May 2014
Mr Zeal May 2014
I work myself up,
Then I'm in to deep.
I set myself up,
Then I fall so hard.
Oh God I'm so.....

2.6k · Apr 2014
The forgotten
Mr Zeal Apr 2014

Such wrong words but words can words express what I deserve?

What I heard is echoes of my own voice in a Hurd full of nerves that want to be released out of my words...

First I...well no this will prolly be the third, where I'm fulling and filling in the feelings of a per-son.

Seeing you leave is like wind threw a hot day. Does that make sense? Cause you come and blow but I need sense cause this is not it.

Hold on! As I've become a puzzle piece to the forgotten

And I'm fine with it
2.4k · Jul 2014
Alittle Romantic
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Rose petals, candles lit alittle that alittle this

Whatever you want tonight with a sunset kiss

Let's be alittle Romantic
2.3k · Jun 2014
Candy Rain
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
Your name on my teeth,
My head escapin from me.
Think about it..just think about it,
Just you in my sheets.

Now you're in my dreams
Without you I can't go to sleep
I feel your energy...while you laying down beside me,
Think about it...just think about it.
No other Girl can love me.

I'm kinda getting cloudy
Can you bring your candy rain?
Saving it for marriage
2.1k · Oct 2014
Broken promise
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
I said
I did
It broke
You saw
I knew
I peaked and looked.
My body wants
Your body touch
That's lethal cause I'm dying for love
Or dying in lust..

I hate nights like this.
1.9k · Mar 2015
Mr Zeal Mar 2015
I feel like i keep doing the same thing over and over
and its over again..
too much time in my room I'm losing my soul i guess I'm going threw it again.
Man this Life just don't excite me
without Love this life...
1.8k · Feb 2015
Shadow boxing
Mr Zeal Feb 2015
2 months in this place I call room,
Thinking thoughts of Glory and what have I done.
Is it wrong for me to think why didn't they just say my name?
Thought we were friends but in the end they didn't even recognize my face.
I'm not the type to leave that bitter cause if I were you I would of done the same, but if it was me and you lost your mind I would been on the ambulance and stare right in your face.
It's my fault oh it's my fault for smoking and wanting to be my own stain.
But my heart is broke cause I wonder if I didn't call would you still think of my face.
Like my last cup of tea I'm on my last cup of "this is my friend my brother my mate"...
Ryan if you leave I tell you this heart will be a empty wasted vacant space.
To tell the truth I'm laying here and I think life is great.
Glory to God hope he remembers me when he come back if this is the end of days.

Feels like I'm shadow boxing and I haven't got in the ring, I'm kinda hesitant to anyone now who say I miss you and let's be friends or smoke this with me today.
Stained with glory, rock bottom I'm climbing out the lost place
1.8k · Jun 2014
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
Is that best friend place still vacant?
I understand your connection, are we standing still or runnin?
Don't get me... Your question just flirts with me
And my answer is my past giggling.

You can't sob over spilled milk,
I guess I'm just in the process of cleaning things up... Forgive me
1.6k · Feb 2014
Sand castle
Mr Zeal Feb 2014
Build my mind then the flood came, Loss more then I ever gain.
Drenched clothes from the compromised waves.
How cold the drips of change!
Everything I am once again caving in,
If I stay I'll drown in this place..
As I watch from a distance it breaks and crumbles
Under the sea I found out it's all mud
I'm tired of making sand casltes and Caves
All I wanna do is live in love
So symbolic of what I'm going threw
1.6k · Mar 2015
Mr Zeal Mar 2015
Can we last threw the winter?
why do they act so distant to me?
It Must be Better to suffer
I can't remember the Love that you gave to me.
this body already saying
" Why do you still talk when they don't respond?"
But if we last threw the winter I swear to you now I won't Go!

Go Home Now

Will we last threw the Summer?
why do i make a big scene?
why do you talk so simple?
This body is already broken,
I don't like to remember these things.
this body already saying
"What if you just stay threw the month"?
but if we last threw the summer i swear to you now I will Call!

Go Home now..

It's to Late!
It's to late!
they all let go
I fell off Five footsteps threw that open door!
Open Door!

It must buried under my heart that makes this place consistent,
To find new smiles
new hearts and new wonders..
...I've been wondering....what if i would ignore you like you do to my love?

You said 'I heard your new song".

Well congratulations..
Go home now.

i started doing what you done
but i'm dying to love
I'm dying to Love.
1.5k · Oct 2014
Master of Fish
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Feel so Numb
Take me
Let go
Dripping that's my ..umm..

My thoughts on the floor when you used your brain,
6 years later still feel your tongue.
Letf these words so I won't feel insane
Critics come I'll let them win,
I lost more so where do I begin.

Rated R well that's my past
What do you want me to talk about?
Egior Allen Poe?

That's not me and he is dead,
I rather talk about my rehab of when I was losing sleep in my own bed..

I fished
Have you?
You wouldn't tell me
Oh I know..
1.5k · Oct 2014
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Regrets... Mmm yea I got some.
Sense were talking about them do you mind if I told you some?

I regret for leaving,
I regret for staying there..
I regret for leaving mommy,
I regret for staying with you bobby.
I regret for the distance,
I regret for being to close.
I regret for going outside in the cold just to shoot bball that night when my whole family went to go watch a movie.
I regret for putting you up so far that when you hurt me it crumbled the years between us.
I regret for kissing him,
I regret for kidding her.
Now my demons throw rocks at me no matter what the size is.
I regret for not listening,
I regret for well...listening.
Being hard head in both places
Selfishness and offended is the worst when it comes to hearing.

But one thing I don't regret is everyone of them being in my life .. I love you.
1.4k · May 2014
Sunsets on the beach
Mr Zeal May 2014
As the sun peeks threw the clouds.
These thoughts get so loud.

Please don't let them in...
As I drown all my intentions.

Couldn't be a better image
1.4k · Dec 2015
A Days Worth
Mr Zeal Dec 2015
Today was Hard
Today was ruff
Today Was Cold
Today was luck
Today was God
Today was Much
Today was Lost
But Today was enough

.This evening was wrong
This evening was Me
This evening i Thought
This Evening i know your not Pleased
This Evening I'm Soaked
This Evening is Notes
This Evening is all In smoke
but This Evening was Enough

Tonight I get it
Tonight I'm Repenting
Tonight I repented
Tonight I Thank you
Tonight was Distant
Tonight your Close
Tonight I wonder if your Closer then i'm thinking
Tonight Will I make it
Tonight will you take me
Tonight was bad
Tonight I'm in deep thinking
But Tonight Was Enough I Thank you for Showing Me how A Good Day should be..
1.4k · Jun 2014
Baal, Baphomet or Bethel?
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
This day your either caught up in Baal, Baphomet or Bethel.

Since I was a kid they was trying to trip me in a fairytale..
Dragons are Good and alittle magic won't ****.
So far from the truth but some say who's gunna make these scars go away... Well tell me where did the scars come from?
Cause we know evil is bad and good is the truth!
If your caught in a lie dosent that mean that God told you?
Certainly not!
It came from baphomets mouth, so why are listening to liars mouth?
Dragons are real and so are unicorns
But dragons destroy and it takes a sword and one man to overcome him..
Maybe it's me?
Maybe it's you?
I just wanted to show you Baal is what we create for fantasies and selfish ways.
Baphomet is the Devil who lies right in your face.
Bethel is a holy place that keeps truth as it's king and good as it's God.

Wake up!!! For one day we will be on one side or the other...

It's hard to tell the truth and love someone who dosent know Good, but it's easy to fall and give up for a lie and at the end never notice that lies were getting life from you.

Forgive me.
Good is good and bad is bad
1.3k · May 2014
Dangling Vanity.
Mr Zeal May 2014
I believe we want what we don't need,
Speak but don't say
Have but don't share.....
A comic to a fictional book
Watch fish breath rather then dangle while the life of it is holding on by a hook.
What's Love got to with it?
I'm tired of pointing the finger it's getting old
My sores and wounds can't be healed or sowed by blaming and leaving my words to be cold.
But love SPEAK what you know.
Tell love your love that there beloved.
While you have TIME in Love.

And for the love of God cause God is Love don't dangle my feelings and watch me die THROW ME BACK IN THE WATER OR DINE.
Cause I hate to be lead away with words and your love is running out of time.
Please tell them the truth whether you like them or not...please
1.3k · Mar 2014
I know
Mr Zeal Mar 2014
I know it's hard
The tears they flow
The pain it hurt
Nobody knows
You wanna quit
The winning towel
Just hold on it's the last hour.
808 & elite - I know
1.1k · Nov 2013
Mr Zeal Nov 2013
I'm at a lost for words Theirs nothing to say,
I sit in silence wonder "what lead me to this place"?
how did my heart become so lifeless and cold
...where did the Passion go?

When did all my efforts seem like chasing the wind,
i used up all my strength and theirs nothing left to give
I've Lost the feeling and I'm numb to the core.
...I can't fake it anymore.

"Here i am at the end i'm in need of resurrection"

You speak and all creation fall on its knees,
you raise your hand and calm the ways of the raging sea
you have a way of turning Winter to spring!
Make something out of all this suffering
Mr Zeal Feb 2014
When it's real then it's real not fake,
If you love me then love me cause I love you bae.
Your the only thing that's making me real
2 makes a couple so a set for me and a set for you so are we foreal?
And when we disagree it's not a diss
So agree is somewhere in this big deal.
Maybe it was a small deal,
How I tryed to change the subject and you bot the lies I was telling you.
See *** leaks but love overflows ,
I'm in your dreams but I can't get you out my mind though...
1.1k · Oct 2014
Green Glove
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Wishing I'm hoping I'm praying for something but who isn't?

Tell them I get it I did it I knew it.

This was gunna happen, but I wonder if I was hoping and praying and wishing that I didn't...

Here I am looking threw the distant,
In real life I've been looking at this green glove for a minute.
1.1k · May 2014
Mr Zeal May 2014
When it got so complicated?
I don't know..I don't .....know
Never use to be this complicated
Maybe I should take it slow...
956 · Aug 2014
Peanut butter & Jelly
Mr Zeal Aug 2014
Haven't had this in weeks, years months probably.

Wonder bread I untie it softly

Reach my hands in there and maaaan I already got the plate ready.

Peanut butter & jelly ....never gets old as I thank the one who made me
Made one today sooo good
926 · Jun 2014
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
Eyes glued too the floor
A cricket dance then stops as he's leaving his corpse.
The lights reflects here as I look up to snort.
Outside it thunders then pours as the rain remind me of the cool air that sweeps threw doors...

....There red
I'm black..
Crickets dead
I walk
They laugh...blurry faces on the left.

I'm tired
Your dead..
..My entertainment has left.
My eyes look up..
..For a moment..
...I'm back.
Work flow
917 · Feb 2014
Food for thought
Mr Zeal Feb 2014
Wanna- bes are wanna-bes never be that.
Cause there the ones that go to sleep but wake up different.

Patience is patient so it waits, forgiveness is light while in the dark unforgiveness holds weight.

Who you are is Great that makes Greatness,
Not knowing that is like a misconception.
903 · Mar 2014
Messed up
Mr Zeal Mar 2014
I messed up
I get it I'm so stupid oh I messed up.
So foolish loving vapors that's not real love.

I try to make my self good
My good is Like a filthy rag

I'm guilty all this thinking got me caught up.
Wait a minute let me get it now I'm *******
I'm dripping from my sinnin forgive me love.
I need you more then what I say to clean this mess up
I'm the mess up.

I try to make my self good
My good is Like a filthy rag.
902 · May 2014
The stunt Double
Mr Zeal May 2014
Get it together Christian get it together!
He talks like a Shepard but walks like a leopard.

The fingers of panthers I live in the trees! Lusting is like a body builder can't stop looking even if I'm Hercules.

Cuts  in his body can I show you the scars I have though? I'm my only stunt double..

.....when I fall I get up without a paycheck to.

No one can take your place but one day somebody will need you.

Cause you need me as I need you.
You are my stunt double
901 · Jul 2014
Thoughtful thoughts
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Let me go
Pass the stars and this galaxy
To where you are,
Painted souls it's a mystery.
The nerve of me,
To over see most of these don't know who you are and who you be but who is man that your mindful like Dream.
A grain of sand in the timezone
Tik tok my minds blown
Can't hold my seconds though
Thank you God for a moment cause it's just another favor like a minute with no numbers..oh..
That's called a memory
The thoughtful thoughts rewind slow
These last days seem so long.

I kneel to a watch and watch it look up to the real clock ..oh..
God .. The only entiety in and out of my timezone..

Thoughtful thoughts rewind slow..
876 · Aug 2014
Plastic world
Mr Zeal Aug 2014
They came to party until the world ends...
Play the record again
DJ Play that track again..
I watch the stars and clouds and ask when is the end?
Do I go and dance with my friends?
Do I go and watch the world end?
And they say..

Earth is caving in, run away from them.
There world is plastic
They think it's fantastic
Go and talk to him..the man that guides the wind.
Go and ask him,
He is here to save them.

Go and ask you know need Savin
Go and ask you know need Savin
Go ask him the world they know is plastic.
It will burn by there own sinful habits
Go and ask him..
Go and ask him.. The world you know is plastic
It's a habit the world you know is!


Hurry ask him

I came to dance a new song and hyme, Tell me how it ends.
my world is plastic
I was a fanatic
Watch the clouds and stars they took me very far.
He said..

Dust the magic off your feet,
And the plastic off your hands
My heart I give you so you can be real person again.

My songs are platnuim now go and sing to them and who ever here you they hears me.
866 · Sep 2014
Second best
Mr Zeal Sep 2014
I'm tired of being second.. My eyes lose direction when I think of this planet.

My palms so hot and my heart is drawn to lyrics.

There words trace my life and my appearence, forget what they say cause all they ever want is someone who will give them attention !

Those idols! Those Golden and silver boys and Girls that gave there soul for attention!
But who am I? Getting ****** in of there current life...are they dead or just not alive?

Existence is what they prize
Living is what I love, to love is what makes life my life is like night all black and the only light that comes in is the son behind me giving me light to see..

I'm tired of being second, but when did my strength have to do with what I do best?

"I rather be second and do my best then to second guess of who I am just to exist for there attention."
835 · Aug 2015
Cemetery weather
Mr Zeal Aug 2015
I always knew that there was a end to all the laughs and smiles and run to my aid.

..and your faithful boy won't wait for you because he's busy praying for her today.

And I don't know why I came
I know that the rug will be snatched from under me,
Oh please take what you want just don't leave!!

Cause all of my old friends had wings.

I need somebody somebody hold me close forever tell me zeal please don't leave till we are buried.
... our bodies our bodies buried close together cemetery weather in the cemetery weather
Mr Zeal Nov 2013
I know who you are, skip the introduction...
Last night was so innocent, till you came and interrrrrupted!

Talking to my ignorance, in this place all the time i feel stupid.

You say your such a nightmare ya  whatever...
I wake up with my demon there, iknow his name is pleasure.

They praise the same God i do so what's different?
Im safe on this side of purity they use trojan.
Mr Zeal Aug 2014
When you said when you said I heard what you said..
I knew that y'all did it's how y'all would click..
The joy in the air the mess of the mess.

I lurk on the stairs of a conversation
My hands know the feeling when you grab the thunder, lighting comes first when I saw you smile.

It's a deep whole of lying wonders,
Fingers go only with satisfaction.
With y'all Laughter sounds taped backwards.

Shaft speaks to shaft lust speaks to mattress, your door was open to your closet as I walk up alittle more in this friendship.. You said something but you stopped.

You said "sometimes  I wonder if men do better *******..bro Rico he.........."
As I keep talking to not blow the candles off your cake. But how can I judge you when I grabbed thunder just to taste the rain..
781 · Jun 2014
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
I'm stuck in a lady gaga song and never heard it.

He sits beside me and I never notice.

Nice eyes and man the chest and stomach on this guy....

Wait, am I checking him out?
Look away....shhh ...stop it!

He's walking this way as I get a text from my girlfriend.

She says she's leaving me for another man.


Suddenly he sits infront of me, for someone reason his smile takes me too a song I use to listen too.

Ever the same.... rob Thomas.

Oh crap he's talking....what I do?
What I say? I know he's gay....

But he's so peaceful and my heart is crushed right now....

Do I hold my tears or speak and let go??
768 · Nov 2013
Mr Zeal Nov 2013
There eyes piece me, and there words are swords.
There Fingers still tease me..
As i hold my mind, tears just won't come.
No..No I'm stronger then that,
but all the time i look back
I got ***** by my tries,
My second guess was sodimized.
765 · Sep 2015
The talented Mr. Zeal
Mr Zeal Sep 2015
If you leave I promise this is it I go back to closets,
I'll feed off the skeleton of happiness.
I'll pause the Gods and Malcome X.
I'll play your game of secrets and empty chess.
For I will be your talented Mr.Zeal again.
757 · Jan 2015
Never giving up
Mr Zeal Jan 2015
I know that they talk well there running in place
Throw there rocks well I'm glad that you came.
Binge eating my sorrow been licking some shame.

The world is so cold when it comes to your pain,
Kick me now before I get up again
Kick again
I'm up again!
748 · Nov 2014
Vod & mr.Zeal "Break Free"
Mr Zeal Nov 2014
No longer alive inside something missing, i dont know why..

I'm no longer in fear of the beautiful scandalous night.

I find a bright light that gives me new insight and winds me, im away from the evil that blinds me.
734 · May 2016
Mr Zeal May 2016
In a world of entrepreneurs all you want is to fix my heart
707 · Jul 2014
My helping hand.
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Lift you up then drop you in moment

Broken from the fall that I created

You help me with so much of what I'm facin,
Then I look at you like I can take it....

Then I trip now fallen from mistakes now when I go to pray now not much I can say now  i know That I'm stupid man I come here just to lay down as I go to lay down your hand will be right there all the time okay I see now help me to begin now don't leave me hold me I pray now..
706 · Mar 2014
The Dark knight
Mr Zeal Mar 2014
Don't wanna be on earth...this is just to low.
Taking chances that will hurt....the mask won't let them know.
But tonight will hold my last cry, my heart will fight for truth.
706 · Oct 2014
1:14 am
Mr Zeal Oct 2014
Tired.. I'm tired of fighting
Tired of biting at the hand that feeds
What's complicated is that I still don't know what's eating me...

I slide closer to you in my bed and yes just to sense the warmth of your body
Prolly I mean probably I'm that type
Probably I mean prolly you like me around like circle sometimes.

I see your smile and you don't like it cause your teeth are not straight but what's gay when your drinking milk just to build your bones so you won't look like your last past 5 years your nice!

Don't make sense but it's alright.

Call me what you like but I'm that hugger from another mother intimate conversation type of guy.
So no matter what they think, I'll hold you my friend until we get off the floor and be stronger better greater then what we just cried.

Tired..I'm tired so I slide closer to as you pat my back for the first time,

705 · Jul 2014
Xoxo & Love
Mr Zeal Jul 2014
Body to Body
So how are we so distant?
Your tongue it massage me,
But baby I can't feel nothing...

I wanna real love where your voice excites me over the phone.
And love is in the air when I step in the door.
Put your shirt on baby I don't have to see your naked body everytime you wanna cuddle.

I'm in love with you so tonight I wanna take it real slow..
699 · Nov 2014
Mr. Jealous zealous..
Mr Zeal Nov 2014
You kinda lose yourself in love,
Were only friends and at night I..well I think to much.
That's why I don't mind spending time with you.
But I'm not gunna lie I wanna be loved to.
Hate is so cruel.
Jealousy is better then envy don't you know?
I kinda lost it today thow,
But I know why I'm jealous now it's because I don't wanna lose you.
692 · May 2014
Mr Zeal May 2014
Will I make it to the end
Or will I fall and lose everything
I'm trying to be a better man...
But why is it so little change.

It's 4am and now I'm stuck
I don't wanna do what he wants me to but I still gave him what he want.

The man in the mirror is so hard to please , it's Sunday and I'm doing "abominable things".

Can we just slow down your rushing me, but if I didn't I wonder if you like moments with me..

Well I don't!
I hate how you go back to old things
Or when you try to fit in with the most stupidest scenes
You have grown into this self seeking broken person..

Will I make it to the end or will I fall and lose everything, I'm tryna be a better man but why is it so little change

If I was honest, I'm doubting myself
I'm doubting my thoughts
I'm doubting, I'm doubting if I can ever move on from me
Please God help me to move on from who I've been
The inner struggle I know to well
678 · Jun 2014
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
He goes to a place that is covered in pleases
Dripping from his head is your face and just course jesture and teasing..
I couldn't be more of a meaning, what I'm saying he grieves over stuff that's indicted.

Like watching **** my heart was torn i feel like that is my cigar to release what I have as I sit exploded and out of it..

But out of it I'm far from cause when I think of your love for me I would trade my life of pleases and pornographics

For your Love cause that's extravagant

Deliver me.
650 · Jan 2015
Trust issues
Mr Zeal Jan 2015
Messing with a saint
So I'm flying with no wings.
The other likes my gun
So I shoot him with a pic and I blow his brains.
Literally seriously clearly your pilling me like a orange.
I can't take it cause u come just to squeeze me and you know it.

I'm feeling used
I'm feeling new
How do I ***** something without even touching you ?

Why do they talk when they want to
I trust in God never trust in the issues cause I'm walking issue don't trust me I got  issues...
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