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Mr Zeal Jul 17
I’m not afraid to go down the road …where we go I don’t know..
Walk this empty soul until I’m cold ….I don’t know.
Mr Zeal Jul 17
I’m alone and I can her the silence
Trying to hide behind the smoke
But all I can think of how far I am
God I know you see me
I’m tired and I don’t even now why
All my energy is spent with life
Why am I so far from you
Where did my heart walk to
I have someone laying next to me and I can’t even feel the thrill of company
Who’s looking for me ?
Who’s searching for me?

Full of ***** my love is spreading on my stomach
Even though that’s fragment picture.
The smell of my sin has bowed on the alter
Losing my friend this year has made me shiver
And fighting my dad until he’s in the hospital saturated my mirror

Am I the bad guy  in the story ?
Am I the loser who has to be tormented with my actions
Saying sorry had become nothing more like vinegar
And I’m flooded with things I have done like salt in the water
Mr Zeal Apr 30
I find it hard it’s hard to find the will whatever never mind.
My trust this the things I mind
So yea, I mind if I’m your guy.
If this don’t make sense
Then that is fine because I talk to myself
Until I’m alright
Mr Zeal Apr 24
I’m not a girl
I’m not a boy
We are only love..
Do you Believe me?
We are nothing but energy
And if mine is Kinetic
Then place me next to where your desires are born..
That private place where the world limits your lovers
Who told you I had to be a girl?
Who lied to you that I had to be a boy
For we are only energy
Only love
Do you believe me
Mr Zeal Apr 4
If I’m yours then you gotta say it,
Show me who I am when I’m around you if we only have 2 hrs....
I am not mocked I see everything even though I don’t address it
That just mean I’m not dressing up your lies for credit
I just want you to love me the way I deserve to be...
I just want you to want me
Mr Zeal Mar 22
Looking deep in your eyes just to find myself
And I find myself getting lost there
Lost my mind and I lost my hair
Grey areas and deep flares
Deep strokes on intimate
So my golden days is for you my dear.
Mr Zeal Mar 15
I hold your head when you’re down,
My nose is red I  look like clown
And yet you laugh .... I love that sound.

I’m sorry sky I took a cloud,
Then made it mad, it’s raining down
Just to show you threw the  storm
I’ll be right here on the couch
I’ll be right here on the coach

...yeah? ...oh I thought you called my name but sense I’m here ... do you want anything? I was just bout to go to the store and ...

Oh ok yeah hey waht are you watching..?

Oh thet looks interesting can I watch it with you...
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