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Mr Zeal 13h
Shots of ***** is clouding my vision
I made it to Mount belview with ciroc in my trunk.
Legally 18 he looks for attention with a cup of concoction that I just drew up.
His best friend is his cousin but we just dropped her off to get ******.
Laying on my Chest he sells me his soul as I play along holding him with the feeling of being loved.
I take out bag full of treats and tell him to take it as we walk naked on a street at 4 am.
He starts performing his ritual of kissing me south I start seeing devils walk with us ….my God you wish I was making this up

Shots of ***** is clouding my vision,
As I black out pulling up.
I don’t know how I drove so far but I was behind the wheel.
His house is big
And I have to *** like nobody was even up still.
They follow us home as the pills start to wear off
I was summond by him as my **** is erected and there is ***** on his tongue.
the devils crowd aroudn us as he smiles there as I’m losing my ******* mind telling him
As he looks at me and say
“Chill you’re just drunk abs making **** up”
Mr Zeal 14h
So my grandma died
And I’m not even at home
I got kicked out by playing my right
My dad use to hit my mom so I fought him and put him inter hospital and now My mom says I went to far ….
Do she not remember 7 th grade when he was bouncing her hesd in the wall?
What about pushing her down the stairs?
Or that time of ripping her purse from her ?
What about the time he choked my sister?
Or slapped my other one.
But the fact that the worst thing he did was nothing at all
She kicked me out cause I went to far by putting him in the hospital cause he wanted to fight me.
I’m no longer seeing myself as the bad guy the bad guy is my mom she could of got a divorce like the several times bedded she told us as kids she was when we believed her…
I find it funny and peaceful that I’m staying on this couch rn at my friends that I got to leave in one piece instead of losing my mind
Mr Zeal 1d
Drinking ciroc before work has become a tool,
The wrench of life is to know so much but act like a fool.
Until it’s time to play in there rules
Then show them the bottle of truth
So truth is
I love you but I’m no ones foot stool
I can pick u up but that hard shell Capricorn I’m no mule
So ******* don’t worry about the parties my democratic energy will give u medicine
Isn’t something that the lovers of this world gets looked upon as the bad guys when the credits end?
Mr Zeal Sep 7
I’ve been up all night but I’m use to it
Drinking all night but I’m use to it
Cause I've been up all night but Im use to…
It’s what I’m use to…
Drowning out my mind for couple of hours
Memories on memories I know the power
Tears getting cut out the ******* picture even if you were my Mona Lisa.
The life that you want me in is so ******* dangerous
I just ****** the dad then made the son famous
Kisses on my cheek because his dad is vacant
No one would believe me if I said the truth.
Slept in the closet just to keep you happy
Tell me was it worth just to know your family
Mr Zeal Sep 4
What If we don’t
What if we did
I’m tired of overthinking such inconvenience…
I want you by my side with a couple of kids
Show me that I’m not the world while we fly across the grid
You are on the other side of the world and yet you have found a place in my heart
Mr.Capricorn found the warmest hands to lay upon
Not telling you you’re perfect but if I don’t I wouldn’t understand your confidence
And making you mad wouldn’t feel so good without telling you in the same breath you come first.
Why do you have a hold of me so much like I’m thinking about you crazy
If there was someone in this world that was trying to love yo for real….
You found me
Mr Zeal Sep 4
I just want one person to love me the wya I love them… show me in your love language that you want me only me and if I made you mad can we just talk it out ? Can we just **** it out can we just love it out..??
Mr Zeal Jul 21
Simple minded men work harder then the over thinker but the over thinker sees every out come there is so he can establish his one decision.
I find it funny that I didn’t get the joke…
I find it odd that I like to get even
I find it very very complex when I have no reason.
And as I sit like Gods in a pool of  emotions
I created the hurricanes and the still waters…
It’s simple to me to create havoc In my own mind just to set a lot of my problems in motion
And the greatest part of it you didn’t even notice
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