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Mr Zeal Jan 7
My emotions are thick like syrup on butter pancakes
And the sweat of my brow will be your simplicity.
The third eye opens under the ***** burning …
As the smoke and I have *** under the moon light
Moon light…
My worries are lighter then the moon on clouds
Mr Zeal Jan 7
Thy humble cancer has healed from its on demise. Let the Gods speak on things that’s not and my beloved Capricorn will understand just how deep the water is!
No longer will the waves rush to be mad nor will my heart come to the surface…
If you find my heart then it is yours but!… this is your warning this is the sound that harkens the beast within the sea!
Be warned
I be set you the kraken of old
The spirit of my ancestors
You will see my face and hear the roar of a new empire
Crown who you want
My snake,  the Virgo that kraken of old!
This will not be easy
Mr Zeal Jun 2022
Dear diary,
I use to feel trap like a prisoner within these walls.
Now… I just see the real problem
It’s me!
I got trust issues And I’m way to possessive.
Maybe I just need sleep but the xo  won’t let him.
I smell smoke
There is something on fire
Or is it just me again slowly burning thoughts until the feelings expire.

…sometimes I wonder can we get much higher ?
Mr Zeal May 2022
God will strengthen you
Dad will hold you
Your sister will behold
What a son you will be one day
What a father I will become that day
Love has made you
And love will guide you
You’re not even created yet,
But oh just a thought of you
Is enough…
Mr Zeal Apr 2022
Im crazy and I know it
Funny how the world placed you on the mental side.
I guess you are my better half
Cause we’re both letting our worlds collide
Mr Zeal Apr 2022
I love the way you treat me
I love you the way you see me
Im so imperfect even my autocorrect seems to easily be wrong by talking
But you show me a better me
I guess opposites attract when I finally see it your way.
Mr Zeal Mar 2022
I usually take another but my pockets really quiet.
Ain’t nothing like those first pills that hold you threw the silence.
It’s okay your secret is safe with me
I mean what’s the worst you can be
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