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Mr Zeal 7d
It’s complicated but it’s who I am,
I’m complicated and I know I am.
It’s not my name like Will I am,
It’s just a stage where I perform myself.

As the audience clap
and my mind gives me back
so I can stop the day dreams
Im in the sun with no hat,
I watch the grass turn green
And feel my innocence snap
“Get back to work there ain’t no time for all of that”.

So I’m glad you’re not me,
And I’m glad you’re not that
Even though everyone has demons in them
I’ll keep the love on for you
If you keep your patience on for that.
Mr Zeal Oct 4
I am a confirmed believer that having it all together dosent mean you have it all together.
Who said they will wait forever ?
And now I’m sinking back to whatever
Like a old song that hits the spot
I feel like a hopeless endeavor
The bills are here
And the Mediocres...
4 years ago and I still can’t believe it’s over.

I am a confirmed believer that I’m not okay rn..
Mr Zeal Sep 27
Who’s your favorite?
Oh we’re playing favorites...
Am I your favorite?
Yes  I do
You guessed it,
Missing you
Yes it’s true
All because I know I...
Seen what you been threw
I seen But I love to
All I know
Mr Zeal Sep 14
But if you wanted to be friends..
And if you needed a boyfriend to cuddle you..
Like what if you were looking at your husband...
What would you say to me
Mr Zeal Aug 30
Try to deny the truth,
I bet it will eat at you
Somethings I wish I knew,
You play me like flute
It’s hard to deny the truth.

Secrets never Lie
Like road **** with flies,
If they knew where I go at night
The stench is in the sky
The dead has risen tonight
Cause secrets never lie.

Tell me what you know
I laugh it off like a joke.
You ask me why I come
“Because You summoned my soul”
The road will be with flies
The stench of our demise.
And now you see what you wanted to know
As regret eats your mind.
I should just let you go
You should just let me go
Cause We both know if the sun reaches the sky
I’m just a dead boy walking alone
Mr Zeal Aug 11
Found you where I left you
After the shrugs and after the drugs
I can’t feel nothing no
I feel so dame numb
But I wish that you ran
Like I wish that you ran back to me like I do to you.
But you’re just bottle
Like your just bottle
And I’m just a man
Who falls to deep the second someone lets him.
Mr Zeal Aug 6
I was looking for a Superman until I found out I’m him.
But all this flying is nothing when you can’t save those from hells den.
Where I’m at is where I’ve been.
Stuck under the covers and entangled in a bliss
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