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Zachery Apr 2019
Once upon a time
In a world brought to life by Chaos' sign
Lived 7.53 billion of the same race
And the population kept a steady pace
But in a world brought to life by Chaos
That is precisely what it will be brought back to
The species warred among themselves
As the history books tell
And the war's were hell.
Some are over conflicting ideas about higher beings
And others about things that are appealing
Black and white
And they fight
Yellow or brown
The earth wears a frown
In a world created by Chaos
That is precisely what it will return to.
Zachery Jan 2019
Im the more emotional of the too
In those emotions I like to stew
A fish stewing in sorrow
Some new feelings I would like to borrow
She is the twins
Two sides same coin, to me a win
We get along as well as friends do
Just as we would like to
I love her like fish loves water
Never before have any of my feelings burned hotter
Although separated thousands of mile apart
I still give her my heart
The relation is strain
And the distance is quite a pain
But what do I have to gain?
Her love is what I obtain
So I message and flirt
Even if our separation hurts
My time is curt
By schedules and errands
And yet I still try
Until the day I die
I'm a pisces filled with emotion
And I cause a lot of commotion.
And she is a gemini
Witty and as multi sided like a die
I love her
Like fish and water
She loves me
Like air loves the sky
So until I bid ado to this bleak world
I will always love you
...Its been awhile... sorry for not uploading so much but you cant rush imagination
Zachery Dec 2018
I'm losing every shred
And it fills me with dread
My sanity slipping
My blood dripping
Seeing things not visible
Hearing whats not there
I could never care
Not for myself
Others put me on the high shelf
Out of there way
Gone. To be seen another day
I cant take it anymore
Losing my sanity as if I'm in a terrible war
Dementis exsequi volo. nunc autem quaeritis me interficere hominem. daemones
Zachery Dec 2018
L is for the way you look at me. Which fills me with joy!
O is for the only one I see. The prettiest in the room
V is very extraordinary. Something I use to describe you
E is everything you mean to me!
for 44bluehue
  Dec 2018 Zachery
do you remember the day
that you realized that you’re
hopelessly in love with your
best friend?
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