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Always in the shadows no matter how hard I try
People seem to love me most when they learn how to make me cry
Beaten and broken, I finally give up
With one more question on the tip of my tongue
Will you miss me or was I just your favorite **** up
Go on and smile for me,
If you can smile while you break my heart, surely you can smile while I finish the job for you!
ZOMBIE Dec 2022
Maybe I was never real to begin
Could you tell the difference between warm hands and cold ones
Or was I always a ghost
Bound to the dark and quiet
Yearning for the feeling of the sun on my face one more time
Was I always your silent watcher or
Did something change
ZOMBIE Mar 2022
I need a smoke I want to feel warm
Being around you made me feel warm but you couldn't stay forever
Neither could I honestly but right now
I could use a smoke
Did I mention that I really want a smoke? Still not sure I should they'd be mad if I got sick
ZOMBIE Mar 2022
I'm not even mad
just a little sad
you thought it was okay
to hurt me like that
Its kinda dumb
I'm a little bummed
You hurt me again
I should've known you would
I think falling in love makes me miserable especially when everyone leaves me behind
ZOMBIE Aug 2021
I found my lover in pain and sorrow
He flowered from my cuts and intertwined with my blood
I found my lover in silent screams
He lulled me into a quiet sleep
My lover is healing and I'm so thankful
My lover found me
ZOMBIE Jun 2021
I want to leave
I'm so tired and hungry
That beast stares at me
"Follow me, follow me, we'll have a feast and I'll help you sleep."
That pig headed thing knows me well
He knows when he leaves I'll chase the home he promised me.
ZOMBIE Jun 2021
Today I experienced my fall
I looked in the mirror and growled
I look like you and I dont want to
I tried to dye my hair
I've been waiting too for months
But nothing happened
No matter how hard I try
I look like the wolf
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