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Zoë Green Oct 2017
To survive
We need food, water, and rest.

But to live
We need friendship, love, trust, and hope.

Because with those we are surviving not living.
Zoë Green Oct 2017
In our minds we are not contained

We need our hearts just the same

For a heart without mind is pure strength and passion

But mind without heart is just hate and aggression
Zoë Green Sep 2017
When you've been broken for so long you forget what it's like to be whole

  You forget what it's like to be in a room without wanting to weep to the floor

  You wonder what it's like to smile without pain instead of through it

Most of all you wish to know what it's like to look in the mirror and see yourself

To see yourself without the front we give and the walls we build

Because when you look in the mirror you see what others see

Not your true identity
Zoë Green Sep 2017
My arrow drives deeply into his neck and knees by halves

I draw the arrow out drowning him in his own blood

Shifting my aim across the bow

I curve out my knife, look at the wound

clutch it like it's me who's dying

That's the day I stopped believing in hopeless life
Zoë Green Aug 2017
Eyes: beg to closing
Heart:pleads to quit aching
Mind: prays to stop racing
I'm breaking
And no one is her to save me
Zoë Green Jul 2017
your love was so strong
your heart was so sweet
  you broke me so soft
   you left me so weak
Zoë Green Jul 2017
Your eyes filled with fire

Your hands a murderous weapon

Yet your heart isn't filled with hate

You misshape our thoughts

Convincing our hearts of purity

We give into you

And you destroy our aspirations

But we retain hope

Continuing to look for our sane minds
I have many family members that have fought in wars and when they come back they're never quite the same.
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