We are the by-product of our (in)sanity.

Ramblings of a raging mind. Written some months back, deciding to share now. Might be adding on to this. Still not sure...

Where are we headed, I thought
as I laid to rest my tired heart,

my thoughts a swirling mess.

Where are we headed, I thought
in the silence of night,

threadbare emotions on tenterhooks.

The inside of my eyes are heavy,
drooping; I grow wary of words

uttered in a tumbling rush.

You are beautiful,
you are Princess; I was told ...

Just scribbling away.
Dr YumnaKay Nov 9

I was made
carved out of stone
with a heart that bleeds

... silenced till death.

I was made
to follow,
too meek to argue

... with tones, hushed.

I was made --- human
born with flaws; a contradiction,
meant to be sought

... never understood.

Experimental. Current state of mind.
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