Your betrayal,
the final nail
in our love's coffin …

my heart's
now devoid of

What I'd thought of,
as brimming love,
'twas but mere illusion!

You made me drink,
through your mystical eyes,
that deathly dark potion
of naïve emotion ...

which tore my soul apart,
freezing its heart
beyond repair!

Written in freestyle. An old write, seems appropriate for now.

There's no sleep for the traveling heart, as the mind is always ticking. Unable to keep steady enough hands, to ever hold another's properly. Her face stays tucked away for nights, when the alcohol brings her to the surface. In my head she's dancing through the streets of a foreign city, the rain falls as her hair curls and sticks together. She's smiling as the mascara runs from her eyelashes, and just as she runs her fingers across her head, she disappears within the mist.

What's it like living with an illusion?

When you deeply love a person and suddenly you're left to live without them, it feels as if you're no longer alive... as if you're floating... yes, you can see what is happening around the world but you can't feel it... as if you've gone numb... immune even...

It's not as if a part of you has gone away with that's like a part of that person is with you... constantly - reminding you that they're there... but of course they aren't... it's an illusion.

You see them everywhere... I know I do... In every person..
I try to see your resemblance... even compare what you would have done, had you been here...

And you go mad... isolated from the world... you can never find them in anyone... 'cause it's an illusion you created...

There is no escape. You feel trapped inside your own body.

And you know --- that at this time of life, if you screamed, even you wouldn't hear your voice...

Just writing to get it out...

Skipping stones,
running along,
this shadowy path
leading me on.

Away from my present,
wanting to escape reality,
I can go any lengths
to forget ... who I really am.

At this time of life,
I would gladly accept
Amnesia ...

it would help me become
the person
everyone wants to see.

For many a times,
I have done what pleases me.
(Actually nearly always)

Seldom caring,
for the people around me.
(My parents, my friends, my family)

Yes, they are disappointed, I know.
I can see the concern
in their very eyes.

Dripping shame covering my eyes;
I turn my back,
and gladly welcome this oblivion ...

which will help me be
the person
they want me to be ...

An old write. Rewritten
If only we could have oblivion ...

~ In midnight blue, she draped and strolled ~

Thinking of the nights past gone,
the times when the world seemed oh so bright;
and feelings were what gave her delight.

All now left was just remorse,
remembrance of past doings made her fraught;
and regret was ~ her only thought.

~ in midnight blue, she draped and strolled ~

Experimenting with rhyming for a change ;P

Such are the mysteries of love
that people surrender without giving a second thought...

though having none,
yet giving all to the person ~ they love.

Oh, stupid love!
How many shall ye slay,
before thy thirst is vanquished?

Oh, stupid love!
How many will go amiss,
while searching for you all over the place?

An old one, back from the days when I started to write. Rewritten.
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