I watched the fog today
as I squinted to look through,
imagining shapes, hovering;
and headlights in the mist blinked.

I watched the blood, stark liquid;
trickling down the edges of my temple,
as do the naked truths; I have failed [it seems],
the dots forming patterns, an image blurred;

my eyes, the colour
of innocence,
I bow to the rising sun.
Experimental. Spontaneous write. Probably too fragmented. idk...
Dr YumnaKay Feb 11
I was marked female - frowned upon by the world at large,
and I unknowingly smiled, unaware of the weights soon to be borne.

I was deemed unworthy - my existence and intelligence
a mere question mark, shunned, bent; molded into the society's

I was made human - on paper, but a doll, a pretty face, powdered and puffed, a child bearer; I drink myself insane, seemingly oblivious to the perilous tides.
Ramblings of a raging mind. Sarcastic self reflections.
Dr YumnaKay Feb 4
I dread the unsaid
which edges on your lips,
sweet, sweet poison;

I drink the lies you feed,
the deceit wrapped
around your eyes, almost mocking.

I hear the rumbling
of storms, threatening;
and I stumble to contain the wildness,
which crashes, almost colliding.

I deviate from the notion
of decisions being made,
my silence considered acceptance;
I must be demented.
Experimental. Just letting out my thoughts and aversion towards life and decisions being made, especially for the weak(er) sex.
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