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Aug 2022 · 853
verse Aug 2022
give me that mashmellow
i like how u so narrow
moist shimmering on pulpy skin
your attitude so mellow
your my favorite kind of gin
as radiant and lush as a mallow
My Flower
Apr 2022 · 345
verse Apr 2022
Why do I always go for these broken ones
And they don't really love me
But I heal them
Once their hearts are pieced together
They leave me
Apr 2022 · 984
Gone Lover
verse Apr 2022
Not going out tonight
Staying by myself it's fine
Reminiscing about our lost flame
Perhaps just a tutorial to the main game
Listening to the wind whistle your name  
Looking at the clouds coming together to form your face
Dec 2019 · 186
verse Dec 2019
Un-tampered pride
its growth inevitably radiant
Genius-ful mind
soon to be colossally extolled
Oct 2019 · 266
verse Oct 2019
If only walls could talk
I'd speak to urs

they'v seen u naked, **** and bare
they'v seen u scowl ,frown and haul
they see ur true face
without the mask u wear  

If only walls could talk
I'd make urs tell

what u really feel when u say ur 'ok'
if that gorgeous smile is really just 'fake'
and how much of ur love and happiness did i 'take'

If only ur walls could talk
...cause u don't want to
Oct 2019 · 581
verse Oct 2019
Naysayers are bystanders
meant to only see the clouds thicken as you climb
and to only smell the dust of your triumphs.

Haters are takers
of your brilliant shine
and elysian decent

You are delightfully masterful!
and in some small way...  you are      Godly!
Apr 2019 · 399
verse Apr 2019
Dark Days upon
Cold Nights unraveled
"Dear girl...
Please i beg"
Hear my cry , my roar , my song
I Deeply , DEEPLY desire

your heart ,your mind ,your warm skin
Mar 2019 · 153
My Star
verse Mar 2019
In ur shine i see the bliss of an unwavering repertoire !

You are the shinny point on every star
The glimmer and The glamour
The twinkle little star i see
Forever in my dreams
Ever present in my heart and minds eye
My inflatuation with ur beauty is obsessive

Your brown eyes! drug
Big, with glittering sparks
Entitled to shine forever until days end
When moon rises! ...i sob
When day sleeps and night awakes ...
My heart sinks deep

"How will i survive not seeing you???"
"Dear God make this night pass faster"!!!! ...
"So i can be with my dear sun tomorrow morning"
Mar 2019 · 83
My life part 1
verse Mar 2019
Dont be confused by the Black spots,
the frown ...
It doesnt represent a cold heart,
im a clown ....  only inside  

The downside smile i wear
The punctured spots i am
The flat bouncy nose
The cracked hidden yellows
The egg-like head
From affair she saw ,
Very quickly she fled

Unforseen circumstances that caused my demise
In that instance I dropped out  
A ******* eye made my decision pre-mature
"Quit or Suffer" , i choose the former
"pills and syrup" , I'm living the latter
Mar 2019 · 182
Granny's relevance
verse Mar 2019
"In my time"
Its her way of staying relevant
Like a deer caught in the glare of an intruding pair of head lights
A slave to the clock ..
Her master contemplating her worth

"Her time is up"
A life spend chained to the shackles of expectation and imagination
Disillusioned soul ..  
Clouded by the illusions of fortune and imomortality
Clarity was reality
A painful realisation

"Tik Tok"
Death is on her door
He collects whats his
His fair
EVERYONE is his customer  

A fruitful life ?
A Wasteful life ?
Jan 2019 · 213
Before i fell
verse Jan 2019
There was once this dream i had, More like a nightmare :

There i was ontop of a mountain ,alone
The heavens were beneath my feet
I took one step and looked into the abyss...
Fear clouded my mind
one more step ...
And there it was clear, crystal clear...
I saw a village ,a beautiful golden rayed village with a field filled with white dandelions and joyful screams of children as they played in the fields

I was high up ...
But i felt low ...

I took more steps, untill i was at the edge
My heels planted on the verge and my toes already falling...
I was like an angel , with clipped wings...
Awaiting his time to ascend
I couldnt wait any longer...

I closed my eyes
i **** one step
and i fell ...

Just before my cold corpse could hit the ground
I saw , HAPPINESS...
It was there holding out its hand, and screaming out my name
"Yuen!!!!! Noooo ...."

It was the last thing i heard
It was u
Whom stood on the cliff, while u weeped and called out my name...
You stared deep into my eyes ... as the ground swallowed me whole
Dec 2018 · 235
Alone ?
verse Dec 2018
I belong to no-one
I am nobodies past, present nor future
I do not own Nor am i owned

I am no bodies "ex"
I am no bodies "the one"
I am no bodies "future boo"

The future belongs to me
I don't share!
They say "sharing is caring"
...therefore I don't Care!

I am alone ! not Lonely !
Feb 2018 · 325
The devil has returned
verse Feb 2018
After years of slumber
I awake...
Feel the heat the that surrounds my arrival

I no longer drown in fear
Ready to face this world
Hear me roar...
Burn... cause the dragon has arrived

I now see mountains below
I'm soaring higher than ever
All those who oppose shall perish
All those who summit shall flourish

I'm not hear to steal your spotlight
Just hear to take what's mine
It's a birth right baby!
Who's the boss ?...
I am .... *******

You ain't got non on me !!!!!!!!!
I know this isn't your conventional heartthrobing peom
I apologize for a few ****** words
I felt it might have lost it's punch had those words been substituted with friendly 'posh' words...
Feb 2018 · 241
verse Feb 2018
A flower never boasts about how well it looks or smells
A pineapple never gloats about it's sweetness
Nor does Pizza ever exult in it's own deliciousness

So why then do we flaunt our fading beauty ?
Why do we celebrate our expiring youth ?

There is beauty in silence...

Then again...
A picnic with pizza and pineapple juice sounds good night now
Feb 2018 · 167
Suicide Note
verse Feb 2018
Why the mockery ?
The insults ?

am i not enough ?

Why the shaming ?
The teasing ?

am i too different?

Why the abuse ?
The harassment ?

Why me ???
Scold me now !!
And be done with me...
Please...i beg of you...
no mas ...
Sep 2017 · 212
verse Sep 2017
Day sweats
Night shivers
The morning sun sings
And the midnight moon hawls
Sep 2017 · 391
All Hell breaks loose
verse Sep 2017
When the lights shut
And the moon rises.
Reality sleeps and imagination awakens.
The light no longer seeks
And the darkness no longer hides.

My toes begin to tingle
My feet begin to tap
The waves of music course through my veins.
The feeling of absolute satisfaction spreads
As time speeds
And ageing slows
All hell breaks loose...

An obsession that fills my soul
An obsession that feeds my passions.
Forget about religion, love, ***, money and fame
Aint no better feeling...

In this moment...
While dancing with the devil...
Sipping on cola...
I say to him...
"*******, What a song"

— The End —