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Un-tempered pride
its growth inevitably radiant
Genius-ful mind
soon to be colossally extolled
If only walls could talk
I'd speak to urs

they'v seen u naked, **** and bare
they'v seen u scowl ,frown and haul
they see ur true face
without the mask u wear  

If only walls could talk
I'd make urs tell

what u really feel when u say ur 'ok'
if that gorgeous smile is really just 'fake'
and how much of ur love and happiness did i 'take'

If only ur walls could talk
...cause u don't want to
finish line in mind
never in sight
u never see it clear  
u never see the man with the flag
nor did u ever hear the bell
there is no warning ... no "bing bing... its your last lap"

in life you just run
every huff and puff heavy
your steps no longer as assured
your knees wiggle
your sight blurry
your all over the place
running like a drunk man lost
hoping , praying , begging for the finish line to be near
and in mind hoping , praying , begging you finish first

but u never see it clear
you never see the man in the checked flag

so instead ,you decide
'keep running'
Naysayers are bystanders
meant to only see the clouds thicken as you climb
and to only smell the dust of your triumphs.

Haters are takers
of your brilliant shine
and elysian decent

You are delightfully masterful!
and in some small way...  you are      Godly!
Dark Days upon
Cold Nights unraveled
"Dear girl...
Please i beg"
Hear my cry , my roar , my song
I Deeply , DEEPLY desire

your heart ,your mind ,your warm skin
my dear :
Troubled heart, hindered soul
Foul mind , woeful voice

Sleep dear !
Ill tuck you in softly
sing u sweet lullabies
read u heartwarming stories
Go to bed my dears

in your place...
strangers will replace ;
an Optimistic heart , a wonderlustful soul
a ripe mind , a guffaw voice
I went from the waste lands
To the abu hotels

From *******
Now I flourish

Troublesome kid , detention every friday
Luxurious king , eating from a golden plate , everyday

From playtime with marbles and brick.
To golf and polo, not forgetting the Ferrari

Small portions, that's all u need ,she said
A glass too many means I'm on the floor .And still i can have more

Porridge, chicken feet, tomatoe sauce, my routine
Wine & sushi , my daily breakfast

Street lights meant curfew
Low battery , means goodnight
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