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Oct 11 · 44
Night Crawling
Yuehan Lim Oct 11
As the night bloom
in sparkling lights
of stars and moon
wind is whistling in a lovely tune
You and me dancing
In an empty room
swaying in silence
feeling each other's presence
I am here but you were there
but your scent was everywhere
an apparition
a divine intervention
an unfathomable notion
that you were once here
feelings seems to adhere
oh dear
how i wish you were here
I really miss you dear
Jul 19 · 67
Yuehan Lim Jul 19
a faint scent still lingers
as the last drop falls
after a heavy downpour
in the middle of summer

quite hypnotizing
yet so fascinating
as my head blurs into nothing

warm and cold all at once
like your smothering
and dry hands

the sun shines behind the cloud
like your dazzling smile
while your eyes
are screaming loud

love me
the way hurt me
I lost myself while i was writing this, I’m sorry.
Yuehan Lim Jul 9
As the ink filled the pages
My heart breaks into pieces
Piece by piece line after line
Our heart lost it’s rhyme

The clock starts ticking
one and two
At the end stating
there’s no me and you
Jul 1 · 157
Yuehan Lim Jul 1
Lines drawn by you
An imprint or a scar
Marks seems like a tattoo
But how can i just forget you
Don’t you hate it when a significant person is about to leave?
Jun 15 · 87
To Kill a Parakeet
Yuehan Lim Jun 15
a lovely creature
loyal and chipper
there alone left inside a tiny cage
fed with nothing but garbage
and beautiful lie
who knows, he won't fly
like he should be
alive and free in that beautiful tree
wish he could see
everything but those plain white scenery
Time to time
Feather after feather
His life begins to wither
Still loves her always and forever
Jun 10 · 140
Yuehan Lim Jun 10
inside the warmth of grass covers
river flows from the top of the hill
through the forest the animal quivers
lurking in the dark trying to heal
Jun 8 · 56
Yuehan Lim Jun 8
He who jumped the cliff for the stars
Still lived with all those bruise and scars
He who was tied to a leash
Just want to live in happiness and peace

He who hungers for something
Maybe stars or just flying butterflies
He who gave his everything
Just died reciprocated with lies
Jun 5 · 103
Mistake not taken
Yuehan Lim Jun 5
Asymptotic lines
Hearts not meant to intertwine
But why does your hands fit mine
Please forgive this heart of mine

Butterflies and Stars
We're just souls wearing scars
Is it destiny or just another mistake
But deep down i know our strings were not fake

— The End —