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5d · 37
Gold green
Grow green & turn into gold
Nobody likes a pretty face painted on mold
They didn't like me for covering up 

So the next day I turned to them, vulnerable
Stripped from my veiled self, humbled my eyes, shared the sweetness of my speech as if we have shared the same womb

In exchange, I obtained angry faces, eyes heavy on madness, deaf by the screaming of their own cries
In the raw I stood there, thunderstruck
Reckless tongues spitting words as if destruction lit itself on fire
Now I realize, perhaps it was not the soul but the body they desire
Nov 8 · 150
He tried
He tried squeezing moisture out of dry sand
And made of his body, most deserted island
Don't lose yourself by helping people who don't want to be helped.
Nov 6 · 41
Compassion was written before bodies were shaped
Oct 25 · 27
Own your story
You keep reading
The same word
Over and over again
Wishing and praying for another chapter to begin
Instead of simply turning the page 

You keep romanticizing
The same words
Over and over again
Wishing and praying for another's plot
Instead of simply twisting your own
Oct 19 · 30
My Face
My face
Curved in such a way only the wealthy can see its value

My heart
To its beating only the blind are deaf to hear

My soul
Like one droplet of a cloud
If one droplet falls, all will fall
We break at the right time
Until we learn to grow
Until we're green, worthy of silk
Until roots find their tree
Until rivers find their sea

Until we rise

Until there is no difference between you and me
Until we're merged, like a cloud, once again
Until we learn to hold onto each other
Until we learn that sweet and salty water don't merge

Until we learn that you and I
Were born to reunite
Oct 5 · 21
Beware of those who come disguised as friends during the day
And leave as thieves during the night
Sep 30 · 31
Children of Palestine
My beloved children
Your ashes will be rained upon
Your soul, everliving
Your name remains

Let them dream, during the night
Let them feast, during the day
For the occupier
Will find himself occupied
'One day'
Sep 22 · 690
Sep 18 · 35
You hold my head up high
Making sure that my body survives, continuously

You make me linger above clouds of mercy
Making sure that my soul trusts where to let go, continuously

You made me live on the lowest of grounds
Making sure my ambitions are at highest of site, continuously

My cheeks are not to dry
There where rays of light continuously ally
Sep 13 · 45
I tend to

Sep 9 · 23
They told me to be resilient
To stay pure
To not be scared
And to show a little more

'Feminist' is what they call me, one they'd rather deport
Reason being, purely resilient without selling myself short
Not a little scared, instead receiving widely moral support
Until the contrast of injustice is replaced in its highest court
Sep 6 · 173
Solitude never tires the one who's constantly awake
Sep 4 · 46
You could keep all the water of this world to yourself
Water always finds a way to moisturise its earth
Just like humanity
Aug 26 · 175
The masquerade
The masquerade keeps filling up a pool
Feeding on a fairy tale
People keep drowning
Feeding on a nightmare
The masquerade keeps claiming
Until the day comes where the pool breaks
Until the night comes where people learn how to swim
In waves of nature
In chambers of humanity
Aug 26 · 200
Upon words, correct your attitude
Use them with gratitude
As speech was born in altitude
Aug 26 · 111
Wear yours with respect
For it suits you
Even if you're able to fit into mine
You wouldn't be able to walk, wearing them the way I do
Simply because they weren't made to fit you
For they suit me
My integrity
Aug 25 · 338
You love yourself
As much as you love obeying Him
Aug 11 · 57
Move on
Sometimes we need the earth to shake
In order for us to move
Aug 8 · 309
Tears of light
Her soul sheds tears of light
Bitter confusion distracted the body
Broken limbs on the tip of her tongue
Repeating breathlessly
'Love instead of hatred
Comfort instead of pain
Truth instead of a beautified lie'
As for the tears, they reach beyond the galaxy
As she intends to water the reflection of the sun
Jul 7 · 371
I wash my hands with ink
From letters

I wash my heart from ink
With letters
Jul 1 · 50

Ik had niemand anders dan Hem, terwijl ik vroeg naar hen


Ik wil niemand anders dan Hij, terwijl ze vragen naar mij

Ik wil enkel Hem & wacht alleen op Hem

Hij is de Enige
Bij wie ik
Jun 27 · 289
I am art
Today I am art
Organised from top to bottom
Grew out of a seed
Like a dandelion
Unable to keep for myself
Charitably organised
Carefully timed
Strongly rooted

For when my tongue turns into fertile soil
My words will balance life's circle
My thoughts will be rained upon
Feeding seeds of a language
Many are blind to hear
Yet recognised by whole of history
For you to endlessly pluck and blow
Spreading all of today's art
Jun 25 · 49
She is now all over everything, and everyone
She wasn't raised knowing how to live while missing the warm hugs of her father

He is now all over everyone, and everything
He wasn't raised knowing how to live while missing the sweet words of his mother
Jun 23 · 43
Storms of love
Veins like a barrier
Protecting that what I was given
Long before I could understand its value

For when a heavy storm shows up
I see attraction everywhere
I hear my heart pounding
Like a compass indicating direction
Reconnecting me with myself, with nature

In order for me to see, feel & hear
Jun 14 · 27
Wherever I go
Let my destination be heavenly
With You
Jun 13 · 156
Noem mij
Ik regen,
Noem mij intens,
Wolken zijn om te breken,
Vruchtbaar is het land waarvan ik oogst.

Zonnestralen verlichten plaats en tijd,
Kleuren komen tot leven,
Ik reflecteer.

Noem mij bij wet,
Als jij leest en begrijpt,
Mijn naam is een gegeven begrip,
Voor het leven dat zich in regenbogen manifesteert.
Jun 9 · 1.9k
Her genre,
Her design,
Her character,
Her pages,
Well lettered.
Her story,
Like a book, mesmerising,
And too often judged by her cover.
Jun 7 · 64
Heavy clouds
If I asked You to take all my tears,
To remove their impurities,
And bring them back,
Like a heavy cloud,
I would rain, overflow,
Lakes, rivers, seas and oceans,
Bringing back harmony, balance & purity.
Jun 6 · 29
Al zou je haar verbranden tot een diepzwarte wolk,
Haar as zal jouw longen nooit verlaten.

Al zou je haar familie tot in de eeuwigheid uitroeien,
Zij zullen blijven stromen door jouw vaten.

Al zou je haar tong schade berokkenen,
Jij zal haar blijvend horen praten.
Jun 4 · 126
I feel homesick
As remembrance flows through my veins
Trying to water my heart
As thirsty, as I am
Listening to its anxious begging, sentences of hope
Feeling its deep desire, words of love
Hearing its urge, letters weeping

يا فَتَّاحُ
افتح لنا باباً في الجنة

For You and I
My brother and sister
To finally reunite
Jun 2 · 161
A lot of people will read your words,
And a lot of people will listen while you speak,
But not everyone has the courage to hear your voice.
Just a simple reminder
Jun 2 · 140
Lady Justice
She doesn't understand why she is constantly blindfolded.
Why she's not allowed to see.
To see what's happening to the world she once called 'free'.
She doesn't know her history,
While she's been here since the Roman mythology.
She is the symbol of law, but nevertheless she hasn't been able to experience its movements over the years.
Furthermore, she doesn't know what the composition of our society is. She doesn't know anything about today's world's heartbeat.

But can we really blame her?
After all, she was blinded by the ones we call 'authority'.
I fear the day where 'assalamou 'alaykoum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh' loses its meaning.

I fear the day where we say 'we're family fi deen'
when it's no longer something we actually mean.

I fear the day where pride,
blocks rays of sunlight.

I fear the day where brothers and sisters lose their way,
living life without thinking 'this could be my last day'.

I fear the day where I will not take heed,
from what I've constantly let you read.

I fear for the Ummah,
forgetting about tawheed.
May 25 · 146
I could hate you
I could hate you,
I could hate your body,
For working against humanity,
I could hate your soul, acting folly,
For not being brave enough, giving its charity,

I could hate you,
But my soul simply is unable to,
I could hate this embodiment of love,
But 'hating' my love,
Is the one thing in life I'm proudly neglectful of.
May 24 · 43
Securing my reality
When the world thought it could play my heart,
I had to be clear about its chances;
Not one; impossible.
I gave her away, securing her fate,

She's save,
She's preserved,

Like the skin hugging my body,
Afraid of losing, warmth,
Afraid of losing, her shape,
Her reality.
May 23 · 145
Onbekend, een vreemdeling,
Voor wie nimmer heeft gezien.
Verafschuwd door zij die weigeren te aanschouwen.

Geapprecieerd, geliefd door zij die trachten te vinden.
Geliefd door Hem,
Die voortdurend ziet.
English version is coming soon!
May 22 · 239
Square root...
Hearts skipping beats,
Unable to vent,
1, 2, 3...
الى متى؟

Lungs filled up with dust,
Medical was attacked,
11, 12, 13...
الى متى؟

Eyes running out of tears,
Unable to occupy,
21, 22, 23...
الى متى؟

Voices heard deeply,
Some pilloried, some bombed,
31, 32, 33...

√'Wir haben es nicht gewusst'
71, 72, 73... Suffocated by injustice.
الى متى يا عمي؟
الى متى؟
Till when?
May 22 · 357
With love, gratitude,
I travel,
Upon paths,
Infused wisdom, depth,
In order to meet,

In order to meet,
ذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَالإكْرَامِ
May 20 · 84
Woorden heb ik altijd gewaardeerd,
Aan de binnenkant, aan de buitenkant,
Worden ze niet altijd gewaardeerd.
English version is coming
May 20 · 56
Haar tranen, onbezet,
Haar woorden, authentiek,
Haar hart, windroos,
Haar bewegen, historiek,
Haar vreugde, onsterfelijk.
English version is coming
May 17 · 119
The oppressor,
The oppressor.
Ever thought about going into therapy?
May 16 · 46
Die dag.
Zij aan zij,
'De wereld is van iedereen' - rei,
Ver reiken de rijken niet,
1 schaal leegte, 1 bedolven onder haternij,
Armen zijn afgenomen,
Ruggen recht, bevolen had Hij,
Ledematen zullen spreken, vrees waarheid,
Oh huichelaar, vrees meest vernederende tij.
English version is coming
May 12 · 86
My One True Love
I've been hurt many times,
But loved many more.

I've been yelled at many times,
But spoken to many more.

I've been left out many times,
But gathered with those who speak loving words, many more.

I've been thinking about Him many times,
He's been thinking about me many more.
I miss Him♡
May 9 · 487
Them breaking and entering isn't because they seek some sort of hospitality,

Them breaking the law effortlessly, meaning; destroying humanity,

Became their drug, their simple way of gaining sanity,

Sickness is its base, they haven't seen health in this plea of insanity,

Since the world keeps her mouth shut, afraid to lose her own vanity.

Such a poor mentality.

And for the oppressor,
Who washes his hands with genocide, his head with immorality,

If reason doesn't reach you to stop this act of criminality,

Know, you've never earned what you took, but in the end of days you will earn for your act of brutality.
May Allah be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
May 8 · 1.3k
Dear oppressor
My hair is covered, my intellect is not.
My feet are covered, yet I'm still going places.

My ears are covered, my hearing is not.
My back is covered, yet I'm still standing.

You've imprisoned my tongue, my words will never surrender.
You've imprisoned yourself, yet I'm still trying to set you free.
May 8 · 61
The one that doesn't ask, isn't willing to gain knowledge.
The one that doesn't gain knowledge, doesn't ask - he already knows..
May 5 · 387
My eyes are,
Up in the air,
Where your eyes should be too.
Strive to be your own person.
May 5 · 246
Exhaling poetry
When I was born,
I had trouble breathing,
'Born with asthma',
At least, that's what they told my parents.
Until my lungs started to work, beautifully.

Years have past by and I started thinking,
What if my lungs were fine?
Maybe it was just me, being the big emphath I am.
The one that inhales every possible emotion of every living being on this planet, the one that inhales for this planet as if she was expected to..
The one that doesn't really has a filter for her passion but nevertheless, exhales poetry as if she was born into it..

When I was born,
Passion took my breath away,
'Born with talent',
At least, that's what my parents told me.
After my lungs started to work beautifully, meaning,
Inhaling life,
Exhaling poetry.
Share your thoughts!♡
May 5 · 265
You can wait an eternity,
For loving fraternity,
In an era of modernity.
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