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Jann Flach Jan 29
In the middle of the night I wake up and think of you
I can feel you all around me but you are not here
I remember the touch of your mouth, the beauty of your smile
And I feel you inside of me

I can sense your presence, the feel of your skin
The laughter that came as we sat and talked

We come from such different places but on that night felt as one
Your beauty held me captivated as I looked in your eyes
Your words were wisdom to me and I laughed at your jokes
And when our lips touched
the world skipped
Jann Flach Jul 2019
Two lonely people‘s eyes
meet on a crowded street

They dream of each other all day

Then they never see each other again
I feel happy the more I look at you,
But while looking at you,
I also receive pain times two,
Because I remember that I can't have you.

As long as I am happy to see you,
I don't care how many knives will cut through.
I don't care if I'm not the reason for that smile of yours,
As long as I see that it is yours,
It will still be the greatest view.
My bunnyyy
Jann Flach Jul 2019
Your mind is my favourite face
Your eyes are my deepest water waves
When i look into your shiny eyes
all my thoughts where completely erased

You are the pouring rain of the storm,
all the colors of the rainbow,
and the silence after the storm
admirable human being
Jann Flach Jul 2019
As I lay in my bed in this dark room,
the silence is wide awake , my mind too.
My thoughts immediatly go to you,
every moment of the day until my eyes grow so heavy
and my body is at full peace.
But still you are there in the back of my mind.

You are just like a piece from heaven,
so beautiful and unreal,
but your kisses taste like desire and trust.
Jann Flach Jul 2019
Kiss me in the rain,
under the stars of the night.
Look me in the eyes and let me feel your soft thunder,
your smile as bright as the stars above.

Let me float between the earth and the sky,
Darling you make me feel so alive.
Don't be shy, tell me what you think
and I swear I’ll never let you sink.

In my dreams I danced with you again,
like that one day in the summer,
where it all began.

And in that moment,
lying beside you means everything to me.
The weight of the world lifts,
and I am happy with nothing more
than You, and me, and this night.

                    Let's free those butterflies in our bellies,
                    and let our hearts evolve together
Jann Flach Jul 2019
Never apologize for what you feel
- - - -
- - -
- -
It's like saying sorry for being real
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