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J Miller Jan 8
How short is the distance between life and death…

Train horn- three seconds
Bump- half a second

A human body like a fragile branch, barely an obstacle against the power of speeding steel

Nauseating feeling of being an accomplice
Aboard the killing machine, whether intended or accidental

A life gone
A body bag on the tracks of the station

Passengers smoking nervously on the platform, holding back their stares

A train driver lifted into an ambulance, gasping for oxygen
Will his sanity be preserved?

Who did the body belong to?

It’s a grey Sunday morning
J Miller Nov 2018
The scratches feel raw
Dirt frames the arches under my nails.
Dirt tastes good on goat cheese with Maldon salt
Our soiled fingers intertwined as you rip your lips into the nape of my neck
Wild blueberries ***** against my belly as you push hard inside me from behind.
We lie slumped, content, complete
The trees forever our silent witnesses
How beautiful it is to **** with you!
To linger, spent, smoking a delicious cigarette
Dizzy on ****** and fresh air.
Bread crumbs, cherries, a used ******, dark chocolate melted, two cigarette butts.
Manet would be jealous...
J Miller Nov 2018
The fallen wild cherry tree
Lays sprawled over dewy ramson.
Perspectives drift as the light dances against the leaves.
A moment of pure, unadulterated beauty.
Found. Captured.


Wind rushes suddenly with urgent desire.
Almost a touch. Warm skin.
So close.
Raindrops burn into the face, awake again.
J Miller Nov 2018
Every time I close my eyes, I taste your salty skin
Your fingertips curve my depths gently
My eyes still closed, your lips on mine, warm, wet, impatient
Your movements contour me
A divine choreography casts shadows on the curtain

Every time I close my eyes, I love you

Sleep escapes me as I stare awake onto the brutal ceiling


These days I fear to close my eyes
J Miller Nov 2018
He moves like Cassius
Agile, divine body
A shy demi-god
Dancing lightly whilst throwing a dangerous punch with
feline grace
Humble, a gentleman, his fearsome fist meeting a fleshy cheek,
an unguarded ear with a thundering kiss
J Miller Nov 2018
I couldn’t breathe,
My knees buckled as I walked out of your doorway
You hit me hard with your exquisite punch
I lay besotted and drunk on this feeling…
A discovery of my very own landscape, that I had thought flat and dormant.
Mountains and rivers appeared on the horizon, blazing sun, blinding with beauty.
All inside of me. A beginning of a lasting journey through my own veins.
Blood pumping. Warm.
Punch me down again, I want to fall…

— The End —