Feb 13 Joellei

I know I might sound crazy
But I'm friends with a Kiwi
I just love Kiwis
I just straight up do
A Kiwi has an earthy blonde fuzz
And a green heart as loving as Mother Earth's
But thats just what's obvious
Because when you split it in two
It's like a supernova
A new world of detail flourishes
Dark seeds bursting out of its pure core
Trailing out like details of an iris
A nebulous aura of white streaking unto its extremities
When I see my Kiwi
I see a universe of potential
A personality with the widest spectrum of colors
A fruit who's uniqueness is unmatched
And I know it might sound crazy
But I'm friends with a Kiwi

 Feb 13 Joellei
Kelsey Lauren 

I'm way beyond stressed.
There's so many tests,
I have to pass.
I'm as fragile as glass.
I feel like I am going to break.
I hope I don't, for my own sake.
Anxiety seems to take root.
I wish I could put my thoughts on mute.
They swirl around me,
Making me feel dizzy.
I feel like I am going to break.
I hope I don't for my own sake.

I'm happy to be back from my little break.
 Feb 11 Joellei
Travis Frank 

You don't
Have to go?
Stay for a while.
I'll tell you the truth.

 Feb 10 Joellei
Ramin Ara 

A smile

با شناسه ی مسیح
عالمی را
اگر بهانه کنی
اندکی پا سفت کرده ای
مگر آنکه
رابین هود را
در آستین
پنهان کرده باشی

 Feb 10 Joellei
Rebecca Kinga 

It was too sad to cry for it
Was  too bad to die for it

Too good to stay alive
Too perfect to call it life

 Feb 10 Joellei

The ground bubbled up like a stew
Nobody knew what to do
It was running away
Like the month of May
As the whole sky tumbled in too.

© Copyright SE February 2017

 Feb 10 Joellei
Light House 

Some land & water may separate us;
but, yet ...we can walk...
                   we can ..swim.

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