Joellei Apr 18

I knew it would have been brief,
Simply because the best things are.

Joellei Apr 17

I don't pray
But here I am
On my knees with shaking hands

Hoping silently for your lips
To whisper more then they have since
The very night
We have last kissed

Both embarrassed of
tasting lies
Your words were coated
With some disguise

Mine were glossy from deceit
Speaking your
words of wisdom
Make me weak

I pray that you have tasted truth
And in honestly forgotten lies
That were in the center and  tasted of cries
From your ever clever disguise

 Apr 17 Joellei
Ana Papaya 


i know when the sun comes up
   it's all going to be ok
the nights were made for crying
   but the sun takes it all away
i dream of nights
    when all was right
before we laid the blame
     at night you know i'm dying
wishing things could be the same

if my dreams could all be you and me
i know we'd stand a chance
but when i close my eyes, it's her i see
    standing too close, as you dance

and i know when the sun comes up
it's all going to be ok
   i can dream about a different life
in the moments i'm awake

because i'm free to choose
    and you're free to lose
it all for one mistake.


just a poem
Joellei Apr 17

She held on with pale finger tips
And white knuckles
She held on
With praying hands
And tender lips
From rosaries
She locked arms
With something like the truth
And she held on

Joellei Apr 16

The day I died was heaven filled
And emotions played across
My ceiling like the baby lights
And monitors to keep
Their little girl safe

It was wonderful
There was no thoughts in her head but
The very thought of emptiness
And though he did not say a word
She wondered if he became disconnected

If people just fell off the earth
By eating their way through it
Because they were ignorant and
Ignorant people believed the world
Was as flat as a pancake

But no- it was as flat as his lips
As he zipped them shut
And the silence was peaceful to her
As the beeping in her ears stopped
As her clock stopped winding

And calm as her heart stopped beating

 Apr 14 Joellei

I can remember the first moment
I thought I could love you
It hung in the corner of your smile
Like a prophesy
No it isn't recent
Yes it is lasting
No I don't think it'll work

Joellei Apr 13

Hearts are breaking
And we've run out of tape and glue

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