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 Dec 2019 Yue Wang Yitkbel
I Saw her name painted upon a stone
Then you told me the legend of Bao Si
Her form as an ageless, ancient beauty
Still alive, breathing in places of love

I have wandered bound within her legend
Spiriting me across stormy jade seas
Walked upon ancient timeless stone pathways
I've taken her to heart as I have you

Enfolded within emerald dreaming
I've envisioned standing on the Great Wall
Then setting ablaze the warning tower
Forsaking all just to have seen her smile

You've told me about the Yunnan mountains
About the precious teas harvested there
The peaceful palmed paradise below them
Gentle winds whisper the name of Bao Si

Beneath the soft shadows of those mountains          
In the early morning amber sunrise
Hands held we will share warm tea and kisses
Love in a coy blossomed beautiful place

© P.M.H 2009 Revised 2/12/19
As machinations of

travailing winds,

miraging, veil and mirror

narcissistic nihlistic

false-ego, as self,

"...we(e),..." evince to be.

Finding that find,

giving it away,

aliveness being this day,

and further searching,

to be this day

what it is to be this day.
Feeling thanx, gratefulness, and mourning the losses to Native Americans more before this Thanx/Mourning Day; more than before any other.  Blessings be....   :)   reality
Throw another log on the fire
the wind's getting up
and the rain's turned to sleet.

Make a dancing ,crackling fire,
to fill up the room
with it's comforting heat.

There may be a power cut
but never you mind,
we'll sit in the light of the fireside glow.

We'll renew our love
without distraction
while outside the sleet turns to snow.
winter is upon us
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