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Yassine Sep 18
Life will dive your head into the muck, And facilitate your way to the ****.

So While the owls hoot, and the wolves howl,  Standstill.

The longer the night hits, The sun will shine despite everyone’s will.

Stick to your guns even when you’re ill,
And make sure you won’t miss the right feel.
Yassine Jul 4
The friendship you have,
the love you seek,
the chaos you swim IN,
All fleet, In a Carelessly haze of fancy whilst you IN.
Yassine Aug 2019
Oh mind oh my mind
Never meant to make you keen.
Oh mind oh my mind
You are stinging with flames and I’m lame.
Oh mind oh my mind
You misreckon clemency, such a shame!
Oh mind oh my mind
I'm glutted with your game. Erelong Begging you for mercy before I drain.
Yassine Apr 2019
The urge to write but my mind quit,
The longing for love but none caught my breath,
The need to believe but my soul is still immaculate,
The curiosity of the unknown but the nihility obscured my sight,
Persist an Outsider till an exotic make a hit.
Love for all, You are not alone.
Yassine Feb 2019
There's nothing special about my depth,
but Misery and Incapability to live.
Just like the BlackBeard,
Take a step closer and You'll get swallowed by a black hole.
Yassine Feb 2019
Never regret anything but avoiding
Those face expressions that told me everything, on a girl’s face that I’ve never met.
Cause I know, some of these expressions could turn to be love, magic or a redemption story that changes who I could be,
or maybe just Cause I know what the presence beside a lunatic girl will do to a poor like me.
But In the end, What do u wait from a ruinous man that has no patience nor interest or even the will to get attached to emotions, intellect or life.
Yassine Jan 2019
Call me a scenarist in a fake space
Lost Between who I could be and who I am
Never been satisfied by reality more than dreams
I wake up in an extravagant desert and see it rain
I walked down the hall and called it a hall of fame
You choose your destiny, fighting your peers for resources money and fame
And I, I die every single day to amaze my brain And keep myself sane.
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