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  Mar 16 Dark
watching from the window
i would throw myself
and arrive down there,
in the world.

but i will never do that
because from down there,
all the people don t seem smaller
and i can hear their screams
and fall in love with sad faces
and my smile is believed to be
as fake as theirs.
just some thoughts. not very important.
Dark Mar 7
To the nights
When thoughts become to loud
Making me loose my sleep
Thinking why is it has to be this way
From thinking why it had to be that way

To the nights
When I am too numb to even fall asleep
When I can't even feel my heartbeat
From these thoughts taking over me
To the moment when I can't breath

To the nights
From wanting this feeling to last forever
To end this by all means
From screaming till I can't breath
But deciding to stay silent till i suffer in deep.

To the nights
When I cry till I fall asleep
To staring at the ceiling till the night leaves
From rembering every mistake
To rembering why everyone who left without saying goodbye.

To the nights
When I wish I could just die
To wanting to have this feeling till it takes over me
From thinking about every person who left me
To realising how I lost myself along the way.

To the nights
With scattering thoughts.
I am sorry , if this poem doesn't make sense.
  Jan 8 Dark
Under an unending sky surrounded by flowers from ones own dream,
This is where I'd find rest.
An eternal rest for the dream yet remains endless and the night everlasting.
The world I see, feels so unreal, I wouldn't want to reopen my eyes.
If the possibility, the chance to never waking up when I have gone to find slumber tonight, it would certainly be alright.
A nightmare which is hunting me even whilst I am in full of my consciousness, a hell without rebirth,
The sunlight, simply out of reach, unable for my eyes to engage in it's warming, comforting, sweet grasp anymore, the moon shines bright.
Sound melts into silence, the city loses its colours yet the flowers remain, blooming in elegance, standing proud in the reflection of the sun's light which once again has overshined the twinkling stars.
Even if tomorrow were never to come,
I would not be able to care about it in any way possible.
For now just let me rest my eyes.

~ Umi
Inspired by my friend Alex
  Jan 5 Dark
when does the night become us?
at what moment is the soul raised to the sky?
death, say some
and some ask why

the stars are dead,
and because we watch them miles and miles from where they rest
we are still fascinated by
these flames that hang in shapes and forms that make up our night sky

but what if our night sky is really not made up of bones?
if the stars don’t dwell on our dead bodies or take pride in a corpse,
I would in fact believe that
the sky does make up your soul

I do believe your heart's the moon
and constellations map out your veins
so when they ask if our souls look down from above,
I'll say I'll ask when I see you again
  Jan 5 Dark
If you're looking up at the sky tonight
Know, that you can surely win your fight.
If you're staring at the vast night above
Know, that you can make it, that you are loved.
If you're walking in the dark, guided by stars
Know, your destination is never too far.
If you only see lies, searching for what is true,
Know that I'm just as clueless, looking up, with you.
  Jan 5 Dark
Austin Sessoms
the moon can wink
I swear it's true
at least I think
it winked at you
I wish the sun
could wink as well
but on the sun
it's hot as hell
and with that heat
his eyes are closed
and cannot open
I suppose
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