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Yaryna Feb 19

My dear dreamy boy, who came from Moon
Is it already spring in February?
.I believe you saw me crying like this before.
You knew your love for me was temporary.

It's warmer on the streets than ever was.
Maybe it's because you left my town.
Am I able to know why'd you put us on pause?
Why with this winter grief you have stolen my crown?

My dear dreamy boy, do you feel enough?
To have another broken heart in your collection.
Is it really true love when it's gentle then tough?
So I'm asking the stars that formed your constellation.

I have read all my books and cleaned every window
Still not enough to fill my space without you here.
Every time in my dreams, you appear as a hero.
That tragic one, probably killed by Shakespeare.

My dear dreamy boy, could we do it any better?
To live through lows and highs and never give it up?
Too sad that I was picking up the pieces that you shatter
And couldn't hold the fire from your hands that easily erupt.

I won't have any questions 'cause you gave me an answer.
So do it as you do, let's cut the last one string,
You did just great destruction as for a fragile Cancer.
It's February, dreamy boy, but still, it feels like spring.
Yaryna Feb 19
of all the endings that my heart has seen,
you still were not the happiest.
as one of those burns on my skin that can't heal
like a mark to my stunning loneliness.

you were here to show me this light,
of the moon that won't ever love me back,
to make me endlessly fall in love with a night
with all these white lies and eyes that were black.

i could have lived under your skin for a while,
you wouldn't even know I was quietly there
i remember how much you adored my style,
and how I hated your accent, I swear.

and so I wasn't the one to scream your name from the roof,
'cause you know I wouldn't give any promises.
you sharply blamed me for screaming my truth.
and couldn't see the love that was glorious.

so, that's astonishing goodbye of all goodbyes, you see,
and though I would prefer to feel this pain by knife.
there is a hallowed little thing you promised me,
that we will see each other in another life.
Yaryna Feb 19

I let the stars to fall on his arms
To give his eyes a very gentle kiss.
I looked at him and thought:
I would fight for him a hundred storms.
And everything that he has, I will miss.
His touch on my skin's like from another dream.
I don't care if this moon is jealous of us.
All I can think of: is he even real?
And wonder how every my minus turns to his plus.
I won't call it love, perhaps it's too loud,
To scream about the thing that is much sacred to yell for.
But when all of them shout we're those who're misproud.
They're just afraid of the truth, nothing less, nothing more.
Imagine, he's the one who can appease my hellfire.
And speak to my soul, when others think there is none.
Among all the kings, it's him who can simply inspire,
To give them pure love or fire them up with the gun.
Wouldn't be a mystery how he can be best at my worst,
How all the evil bows on its knees, when he gives them a look
To those mortals who bet either we're blessed or we're cursed,
And my pain is given by them, away he just took.

— The End —