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Yaryna 4d

You speak to me with a language I can't understand
I had a tendency to love with sorrow and grace.
You went through like a stranger from another land.
I was ready to give you a star, but all you needed was space.
You do look in the mirror, searching for magic,
Knowing that you had one and couldn't keep it close.
When comet sets on fire, it always ends up tragic,
And this who's sure of winning, always lose the most.
Please, don't you wipe my silver, frozen tears,
I'm not afraid of fire, I'm scared of being burned.
If you can't say I'm most atrocious of your fears,
Name me then a lesson that you haven't ever learned.
Yaryna Mar 16
write me letters when you're happy,
write them to me when you're sad.
send those letters into every city
that i've told you about.
just before you fall asleep.

dream about me,
when you know i'm here.
dream about my eyes,
thinking that i'm not for real.
draw my portrait on your mirror,
and you're allowed to hate it after all.

seek for me on empty streets at night.
seek for my scent in your favorite shop.
go and look for me in every girl you'll meet.
see me in the eyes you've lost once,
on the dark black sky that couldn't speak.

hear my voice in every song you put on your playlist.
and listen to my words, when silence shouts at you.
try not to go insane because i'm everywhere.
and finally you know you can't forget.
Yaryna Mar 12
I. You were my sunshine that was shining my hair,
                   On the hottest August day that went away.
                   You knew all my secrets and you knew
You won't keep them.
                   Therefore, you were my favorite star in this galaxy,
I was aware I could not reach you.

II. You were the first snow on December evening,
             That fell on my coat and decorated my eyelashes.
             With its precious beauty. And all the precious lies.
             You wrote the words on my windows,
             Of promises that were easily broken.
             You sacrificed a touch for my body,
             Which I'd remember for eternity.
             And I would write about it.
            But I won't.

III. You were everything but the savior from this drought.
From my falling for those two,
Who could not speak my name -
Clearly, easy, as it's supposed to sound.
I liked you for your opened heart,
For your warm truth,
Which I've never heard recently.
But roses can't exist without thorns,
That's why I could not choose you.
Because you were too perfect,
And perfection is just too far from what I am.

IV. You were a thunder that I never called for.
Because you knew your time,
To show up and ruin everything that I've built.
Once you said that I was just like you.
That I will go for what is mine,
And I will **** to win a fake trophy.

All of you.
You were my true love.
My biggest mistakes.
You were my light and darkness – all at once.
I loved and hated all of you.

And in the end, I am thankful.
Because every part of you exists in me.
That's why I am the richest person in the world.
to Fire, Water, Air boys, who took the Earth away under my feet.
Yaryna Feb 24

You said you wanted to make things clear.
But weren’t they clear before?
When you decided to put your head on another pillow
Of a girl that was much easier than me?
To speak to or trying to love to,
In indescribable ways that could ever exist.
I was a bad artist, trying hard to paint on your skin.
And you treated art as another imitation of reality.
It's normally hard to get a girl who came from Jupiter,
When your heart belongs to cold-hearted Moon.
And even in another life, we don't belong,
Though you keep lying, that we do.
If you ever meet eyes that are that green as mine,
Don't forget to treat that treasure well,
Maybe one day she will show you the masterpiece
That I could not draw on your arms.
Or back.
Or whatever.
Maybe art is not the thing that you will ever get.
Yaryna Feb 19

My mother taught me,

That you will never read my mind.

And to be heard, the only thing I need – to speak.

But I thought that I was screaming already.

At the top of my lungs.

Further, where Saturn returns.

It appeared that my walls were falling in silence.

And I was falling for you,

Every time in the twilight purple evening.

With morning sun that has knocked at my sleep,

I woke up with a feeling that you're gone.

I didn't need to speak anymore.

As I saw you that morning buying my book.

It's your chance to read my mind,

Again and again.

Until you know the meaning of my

“I needed you so hard I couldn't breathe”.

You could have known the truth,

If you'd just asked me then.

The only issue is –

You never read the book until the epilogue.

And I don't usually spoil the ending at the start.
Yaryna Feb 19

This winter I think about you, not about how it snows.

Not about which sweater is warmer to wear.

As a moonlight, you appeared on my threshold.

And why my life before you wasn't fair?

Read me as cards, spreading them on the bed.

Interpret my kisses as Venus's message.

You know, my name don't exist in those books that unread.

With you, there's lack of the air of a seamless atmosphere.

At night, the stars die away, falling over your shoulders.

From my skin, I wash away all the curses of others' hands.

Coin your name on my lips and do whisper,

That is me, your favorite of all pseudosciences.

Do not tell about me anyone except the Moon.

It's too intimate so that I live in someone else's head.

I am passionate and free in your heart, as Sagittarius constellation.

You're on my neck, like the chains of comets that are raspberries.

Promise, if I'm lost, you will be looking for me in your dreams.

In the labyrinths of the milky ways and thousands of solar years.

I will keep this magic in black and white pictures.

And once I will give it to universe forward for hundreds of centuries.
Yaryna Feb 19

This is how your **** absence feels like,

Sounds like the late night tram after three.

Tastes like the last one drink that had its strike

When I finally got who you turned out not to be.

Like the borderline that I drew on your skin,

It's invisible for those who don't know you,

Just as you don't know how much through I've been

Just as my promises last night crashed all in blue.

My cherry lipstick fits on his lips like heaven

And my hands touched his hair like he was a god.

Yes, he's given me a kiss under rain like you haven't.

I committed a crime as so you know I am odd.

It smells like a cheap beer or cold-hearted lies.

Both enough to make me feel wasted on Monday,

I was easily lying and he saw the truth in my eyes,

Being better than you, but still stuck in my doorway,

Just because his words are stained with your dirt.

And because I didn't want to lose another balance.

So I am free again and it will never hurt,

That day, where I haven't noticed your absence.
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