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Y Jan 2016
My eyes feel soft now with tears
It's true, my heart can't beat but it works

You're bidding me goodbye for unrequited love
You're sailing into the world, to find love

Ever wondered why I live without a beating heart
It hurts badly now that you're gone
You thought your love was unrequited?

Feel free and live
With my stoic self, I'll still be alive
Without a beating heart.
I'm hurt but I can't shed a tear
Y Nov 2015
Dots and dashes
Codes in the moss ball

It's a roller coaster of thoughts and ideas
Purity and dark gooey matter
The pessimist and optimists are at it again

My daily agony as I smile
I am with no worries

Y Oct 2015
I wanted to cry and be a man synchronously.
She takes me heart
Smashes it into b.i.t.s

I wanted to laugh and throw tantrums simultaneously
She hands it back with a grin
Ugly art stitches cover my heart.

True love is not for the faint hearted
There, are me fugly stitches in her heart

The force is with us.
So are cookies at the darkside.
Y Sep 2015
Under black lights, stains soil out skins. We lay there looking down the hill.

City lights and silhouettes of fast moving rickety cars. We could care less, we're beat and sticky.

The air stinks of Marijuana. The smokes dance to the tunes of Coffee whilst we lay in the cold room.

We've entwined our realities into one perfect moment in psychedelic states

We don't know what this
means but we could care less.

It's all about living in the moment. This night would be eternity blossoming into tomorrow.

Where's the fun in forever.
Y Sep 2015
He seats and chills
I scribble and think

He eats and sips
I rack and scribble

He pretends to type
But I scribble and scribble.

He looks away
I sneak out.

I'm out here,
Who can help me solve this math
Y Aug 2015
Oh krabby patty
Meals I've eaten since my days of milk tooth

In these square pants drawers
Trying to hide the bones caused by those bottoms in bikini I can't believe

I'm still into you SpongeBob Squarepants

This is a very cheesy poem
Y Aug 2015
There's something intriguing about how people find solace and happiness with each other.

A rather complex feeling I couldn't be bothered about.

In such situation, I'm most interested in the party that's compromising his/her true freedom to share the other's
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