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Yams Aug 2014
Looking down upon me, I'm sorry I apologized too late you were alway my favorite person.
Are you proud of me ? How can I make you proud if you aren't ?
I miss you, I love you it seems like I need you now more then ever. My Hero Forever
You live in my memory & I pass on your happiness.
My Sweet Angel..
Yams Jul 2014
Ever feel lonely ? Unwanted ?
A world full of millions of face & yet still you only see yourself.
Fighting, crying, hoping & praying things will get better, but nothing ever does...
Ever been abused ? No I don't only mean pyshically. Meantally, emotionally, verbally too.
Someone making you feel like one tiny little grain of sand in such a big beautiful ocean.
But yet still you're afraid, you don't wanna admit, let alone believe that you can be this lonely..
Yams Jul 2014
Do You Know The Difference Once You've Been In Love ?
Ever Wanna Cry, Ever Wanna Scream ?
What A Horrible State Of Mind To Be In.
Love Or Infatuation ?
Do You Love Me Or Just Love What I Do For You ?
Ever Give Your All & Get Nothing In Return..
Is This Depression ? Is This Heartbreak ?

— The End —