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Aug 2014 · 590
Angel Of Mine
Yams Aug 2014
Looking down upon me, I'm sorry I apologized too late you were alway my favorite person.
Are you proud of me ? How can I make you proud if you aren't ?
I miss you, I love you it seems like I need you now more then ever. My Hero Forever
You live in my memory & I pass on your happiness.
My Sweet Angel..
Jul 2014 · 541
A Unaccompanied Cry
Yams Jul 2014
Ever feel lonely ? Unwanted ?
A world full of millions of face & yet still you only see yourself.
Fighting, crying, hoping & praying things will get better, but nothing ever does...
Ever been abused ? No I don't only mean pyshically. Meantally, emotionally, verbally too.
Someone making you feel like one tiny little grain of sand in such a big beautiful ocean.
But yet still you're afraid, you don't wanna admit, let alone believe that you can be this lonely..
Jul 2014 · 662
Depression Or Heartbreak ?
Yams Jul 2014
Do You Know The Difference Once You've Been In Love ?
Ever Wanna Cry, Ever Wanna Scream ?
What A Horrible State Of Mind To Be In.
Love Or Infatuation ?
Do You Love Me Or Just Love What I Do For You ?
Ever Give Your All & Get Nothing In Return..
Is This Depression ? Is This Heartbreak ?

— The End —