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Sep 2018 · 130
Yasmin Nooren Sep 2018
I wanted you so badly that I forgot how I just need myself.
A smiple one cause nothing seems to make any sense
Jun 2018 · 508
Beauty through your pain
Yasmin Nooren Jun 2018
On a blanket of roses,
you lay.
Eyes closed and peaceful
as though the world was perfect.

I sit beside you
admiring your beauty
Taken back
as a tear rolls down your cheek

I realize
You aren't at peace
You were just hiding from the gruesomeness that is this world.
For the all the ones we lost over the past years
Mar 2018 · 440
Yasmin Nooren Mar 2018
You ask me what's on mind,
It's YOU.
you're on my mind. Your beautiful eyes,
your soft skin... Your lips that I crave to kiss
The fact that I am curios to know how you taste,
your smell that I find so addictive.
I want to hold your hand, I want to kiss your neck
you are what's on my mind
But here I stand to tell you.
I don't know...
I love her in every way possible... But I can't and shouldn't. - 지
Jan 2018 · 379
Yasmin Nooren Jan 2018
In the middle of a rose garden, I see you like an angel
calling me unto you
I run.
I'm here,
Alone... as you vanish into thin air.
Pain is a lonely feeling.
Nov 2017 · 292
Be You
Yasmin Nooren Nov 2017
I will never let a anyone tell me my place in the world.
Just no.
This is really short but has so much meaning to it. Don't let anyone tell you who you can or cannot be. Be you! Cause you are beautiful, handsome, smart and most of all you are perfect.
Oct 2017 · 742
The tides have calmed
Yasmin Nooren Oct 2017
I could say so many things,
Hurt you the way you did me.
I could throw a fit
I could break or burn everything you gave me.
I think I'll just stay calm.
This poem means a lot to me, Please share if it does to you as well.
Oct 2017 · 268
With you
Yasmin Nooren Oct 2017
I am not perfect,
I am definitely not the one for you.
But I wish to be the one to keep that smile on your face
I want to live with you in the moment.
I don't want that girl.
I want to hold you in my arms,
Our lips don't need to touch for me to show you love
Just being next to you gives me life.
Even if tomorrow I meet my fate,
I will happily receive it
for I have lived my life.
With you.
Aug 2017 · 394
Trans Love Story
Yasmin Nooren Aug 2017
The way he looked at her.
The moment was so intense,
They felt love...

For few days passed,
He is still looking at her so new,
What has romance caused?

The more gentle his touch.
the more she falls,
They never spoke.
Stayed so quiet.

Cause he was a she,
No one knew,
Afraid to speak.
Harsh words are what humans are for.

She was different,
Acceptance is what she was.
Now look at happy,
Redefining Itself.

She is my love,
She is my smile.
She is my happy.
This is indeed my poem, I just made another profile.
Aug 2017 · 292
Yasmin Nooren Aug 2017
I watched, every end of her bare body as she undressed.
I did, everything my mind wanted too.
I never wanted it end...

Woken up to an empty bed, and another blissful dream.
Oct 2016 · 1.3k
The I Love You's
Yasmin Nooren Oct 2016
As I lay a kiss upon your lips, I utter the words.
"I love you." I pull back once I recall what I had just said.
This unusual feeling in my stomach,
This sudden ache in my heart.
The drop my stomach felt as I processed everything.

It wasn't the first time I said those words,
but this time I meant it.
It wasn't the first time I kissed someone,
but it felt new.

Who are you?
Making me feel this way.
Dead quite the room was,
until you whispered "I love you too"
and kissed me again .
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
In Me
Yasmin Nooren Apr 2016
The way I felt after every touch,
So diligent so out of control
The inner demon reaching out of me
but her soul cleans me,
love she calls it .
This poem is not meant to be understood by everyone, but if you do understand it. I hope you like it :)
Apr 2016 · 557
Truth Be Told
Yasmin Nooren Apr 2016
I feel them inside me.
As I place a gentle smile on my lips,
To assure the people around me that
I am fine.
Inside me.
I feel my heart shattering, my nerves wrecking, tears bursting out and the unending sting left in my chest.
Oh, how I wonder.
Do they know how I feel? Do they feel the same way?
The solace look on their faces destroys my sanity and faith in myself.
The ability of making myself feel better relies on these people around me,
Unpredictable and unwillingly I let myself disappear.
                            The End.

— The End —